Room for teen girls plays a special role in her life. The passage of time does not stop, and before you know it, your child reaches adolescence. As for the girls, the older they are, unlike boys, faster, and a children's room will no longer meet all their requirements. Room design in this case requires not only bright and creative, but sometimes causing solutions.
Parents should be aware of the fact that the repair is done already for independent and emerging personality. For this reason, it is recommended to remove the time towards practicality and hear the views of his child. After living in this room is to be your daughter, not you.
The main trend in contemporary interior design is the simplicity and ergonomics, as well as the rejection of the decor and elaborate decorations. Try to make your daughter's room was as much natural light and space.
One of the main features of the room for girls is the focus on the colors, style and beauty. Quite often, the girls want to gentle colors for the decoration of your room, such as beige, lilac, pink, purple, and others. It is very important to make your child feel comfortable in the room, and the interior directly or indirectly, should have a creative activity. Your child needs to create conditions not only for learning but also for their favorite works, as well as for receiving friends and girlfriends. It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to the functionality of the design of the room for a teenager.
How to choose the design of the room of a teenage girl
I would like to give general guidance to the design of the room for your daughter. The design must not only be harmonious, but also positive, and thus it is necessary to take into account the temperament of your child. For example, for a calm and melancholic girl would be nice to be in a room with yellow or orange wallpaper to cheer her up. For girls more nimble fit neutral colors - pale pink, or a combination of blue and yellow.
Recommend the use of plain wallpaper for ease of sticking out, and you can experiment with their invoice. The fact that the tastes and preferences in adolescence change rather quickly, and it is possible that after a certain time you have to change the wallpaper in the room. Win-win option, according to the designers, is a combination of light gray or beige color with a brighter, such as pink or lemon.
Furniture for the room teen girl
The process of selection of furniture - a crucial step that requires a special approach. It is best to choose furniture made from natural materials. To date, the choice of furniture for a child's room is quite diverse, most importantly, the furniture was safe, functional, comfortable, meet sanitary standards, and, of course, liked your girl. Also important compliance is the overall style of the room, whether it's a romantic, classic, high-tech and eco style.
I would like to talk a little bit about the kinds of design for the room of a teenage girl. Hallmarks of the classic style are restrained colors, tranquility and harmony of forms. This provides for a wood or steel furniture: quite spacious wardrobe, it is desirable coupe, desk and chair for the computer. Chandelier in this case may be of bronze candelabra. Despite this modesty in the design, the room if you wish, you can make cutting-edge.
As for the romantic style, here I would like to note that this style is suitable for a few frivolous and sociable girls who have a lot of hobbies. As part of the romantic style, you can create a space that will help your dear essentially to organize their thoughts and life.
Here it is necessary to use the wallpaper muted pastel tones, wooden bed in the style of "romantic", on the floor mat of straw, and, of course, a table, chairs and shelves for books and things. For clothes, you can buy clothes or very popular today wicker basket.
It will be necessary to allocate a place in the room where the young lady will go about their favorite things. And most importantly - what kind of room in the romantic style without the lower lighting? Which one to choose for this luminaire for girl's room, you decide. It is necessary to take into account that the luminaire should not be too large and to be quite elegant. To create a pleasant atmosphere will help you candlesticks with candles.
Very similar to the romantic style of the ethnic, in which the emphasis is on natural materials, ethnic motifs and patterns. These include wood furniture, chests and drawers for clothes, woven mats. All this may well coexist with modern attributes such as a computer or electric.
There is a category of girls who prefer only all-the-art, and they love when people amazed or surprised by their ideas. Such individuals are often passionate about exotic hobbies such as extreme music, photography, exotic dancing, sports. For this girl is perfect hi-tech style. Wallpaper in the room for girls should be juicy enough shade, but it must be observed, and color balance, so that your child was not too excited or depressed.
The furniture in the room, this style should be bright and bold. You can even just paint ordinary wooden racks bright paint. Welcome in this style a large number of metal parts. It will be appropriate and the presence of several posters of favorite artists on the wall. At the same time we should not forget about a place for training, mandatory element is a table with comfortable chairs, as well as a place for books, which must be rationally arranged.
Undoubtedly, these tips are just one of the steps to the device design for a young girl. The most important thing is that your child is comfortable and fun in this room. Add to experiment and you can make your own by creating a room design for teen girls with their hands.