Russian women beach beauty secrets were hidden from all of us till I had an interview with many Russian women on different beaches and got from them all their beauty secrets. There is no doubt that Russian women are classified as the most beautiful women all around the world and the most active on any beach they visit. Of course many of you are still wondering the secrets behind that beauty. In this article, I will reveal all Russian women beauty secrets and their tips to keep that beauty forever.

Russian Beach Beauty Secrets

Russian women are well-known with their big beautiful eyes and even with that natural beauty, but they always care to apply makeup for their eyes wherever they go. It’s very rare that you can find a Russian woman outside the home without any touch up using eye shadows, mascara, and liners that help to give her an appealing and sensuous appearance. On the beach, they show their real natural beauty without using makeup tools, but this will lead us to the following secrets.

Russian Beach Beauty Secrets

Beach Beauty Secrets Start Here

The Desire to be Beautiful

Russian women have always the desire of having an attractive and charming look. This can be comprehended througout their love for beauty shops, spas, hair and nail extensions, medical beauty centers, body hair removal, as well as solarium. Having dance classes, visiting the gym, or skating rinks are also crucial to them.


Workout Regime

Russian women are fit and active all throughout the day. Reports have said that they enjoy walking a lot. They don’t like to take cars to buses if their destination is close by. Instead, they simply walk it off. They also enjoy other activities such as swimming and cycling which explains the secret of their gorgeous and banging bodies.

Food Diet

Since Russia has cold weather all throughout the year, the women usually indulge into hot vegetable soups. They adore eating fresh vegetables even though they are likely to have more calories than other women in the world. However, this is not a reason to worry about them at all as they burn all these calories off by exercising everyday.


Skin Care

The secret behind youthful and glowing skin among Russian women has been discovered lately, and it is fascinating indeed. As an alternative of applying a moisturizer or doing a heavy makeup, they merely slap their faces for few times (This is 100% true). It helps their skin to look more stunning, supple, beautiful, and the most important is to be healthy. Even though the tip sounds strange, it is effective indeed.

Night Life

Russian women prefer to look classy and elegant all the time. They really like metallic colors and wear high heels which give them a very fashionable and trendy outlook. This increases their appeal and also brings out the beauty of their bodies in a very strong way. They enjoy the night life actively without being shy or taking so long time in thinking.


Body Care

Russian women spend so much money in beauty centers to have hair removal, manicure, and pedicure, relaxation. They visit Turkish Hammams that use natural oils, herbs, and creams to get the best result for their bodies and keep them always fresh, shiny, and soft.


Hair Care

Russia is a popular country with growing all herbs types. The attractions of Russia simply rinse the fresh juices of hops, nettle, plantain, and clover on their scalp that help to make their hair bouncy, shiny, and thick. It has been tried by all Russian women, and the results are truly very effective.

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