Wouldn’t you love to be warm and snug during the holiday season? Energy bills are at an all time high and that can seem impossible. However, it’s not. With a few simple tricks, you could have a warm home without spending an absolute fortune. Not just that; you could also have your Christmas lights on whenever you’re in.

Set Up A Timer

Don’t let your lights and heating be on all the time. Set up a timer so they all go on automatically and then turn off without you worrying about them.

This is great for safety reasons too; a home with lights on at night is less likely to be broken into. You could set them for just as it gets dark or just before you walk in the house after a long day at work.



Cosy Up Under The Blankets

Avoid putting the heating on right away, if you can. Instead, cosy up under the blankets on the couch.

There are some great options and they don’t have to cost a fortune. If you have some skill with needles and wool, why not make your own blanket for the holiday season?

Opt For LED Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs may be brighter but that’s the only benefit you’re going to get. LED bulbs not only last longer but they cost less to run.

If you really want to opt for incandescent bulbs, look for the energy saving ones. Yes, they take some time to heat up but your energy costs will be considerably lower.



Cut The Time For The Outdoor Lights

You don’t need the light up the whole street the whole night. Limit the time that you have your outdoor lights on and you will save money and your relationship with the neighbours.

Six hours is more than enough, but you may want to cut it down even further to around four hours. Your neighbours may laugh at first at your short period, but you’ll be the one laughing when you see the bill the next month.

Unplug Everything

Just because you’ve hit the off switch on the lights, the TV and all those other electric gadgets you have, doesn’t mean that you’re not using power. In fact, they are still drawing a little power and it is wasting your money.

Unplug everything or invest in a strip that has an off button to stop it drawing power from your sockets.



Invest In Hot Water Bottles

The sheets are always cold when you first get into bed. An electric blanket may sound like a good idea right now but think about the cost.

You can save money and heat the bed with a couple of hot water bottles.


Watch Out For Blowing The Fuses

Don’t overload your sockets with all those lights and gadgets. Be sensible and limit the amount; this doesn’t just save your money, but it could save your life!

Overloading sockets just leads to sparks and fires, and just think about all the damage they do!

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