Dozens of studies have shown that a nutritious, balanced and healthy breakfast regularly literally works wonders with our health by helping the body in almost everything from reducing blood cholesterol levels - to improve memory.

And of course, a big glass of natural fresh orange juice in the morning, which became so popular in the West in recent years, breakfast, nourishes the body a lot of vitamins and minerals.

However, we already know that one juice will not be a hearty breakfast - he was just as lonely and toast or cornflakes with milk, soon to digest and at the height of the morning will leave you hungry.

On the other hand, more nutritious yogurt, eggs or healthy cocktail is not only good for the body, but also saturated better, resulting in less you'll need meals a day and not have to suffer from hunger.

And no matter how much free time you have left in the morning for breakfast - in any case, you can cook yourself something nutritious and healthy. So hurry - no reason to sacrifice your health, experts believe.

We offer you several options wonderful healthy breakfast for all occasions.

1. If you have 2 minutes to cook breakfast, your option - rich protein shake!

The easiest and healthy recipe for a quick breakfast: 1-2 cups of milk (cow, goat or soy) protein powder spoon or a handful of nuts, and more frozen or fresh fruit such as strawberries, blueberries or mango.

Throws it all into a blender - and you have a few minutes to prepare nutritious, light and very healthy breakfast! In addition, so you can more easily enter in their diet more fruits and berries. You can take yogurt instead of milk and add the blueberries - get another delicious option morning cocktail.

2. If you have 20 minutes to prepare breakfast, try Greek yogurt or oatmeal!

Portion of Greek yogurt is rich in protein and permanently fill you. Choose yogurt without flavorings - instead, mix it with hot microwaved frozen fruit, it will add taste and good, and give you the ability to vary their breakfasts.

Love oatmeal? Then this wonderful and very useful porridge - your best breakfast! Some cooking advised her milk, and not in the water, then add a little cereal protein nutritional powder.

In the oatmeal can put dried or mashed banana, or other natural and fresh fruit flavors - so it will be tastier and sweeter, but it does not suffer health. If you do not use protein powder, replace it with nuts or known for its slimming benefits of flaxseed.

3. If you have an hour to prepare breakfast, prepare yourself a vegetable omelet.

On holidays or weekends when will not have to rush, you can treat yourself to a more abundant, but still a healthy breakfast.

For this option you need to put out the vegetables in olive oil: onions, peppers, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, avocado - everything you want, is a wonderful way to enrich your diet with vegetables. And olive oil impregnate vegetables we need omega-3.

You can try for breakfast and a Mexican version of a vegetable omelet. To do this, prepare the sauce tangy tomanty with hot peppers and vegetables, then pour in the eggs, and so they are prepared. A similar dish is good with low-calorie corn or other whole grain pancakes decorated with slices of avocado and fresh cilantro.