Do you know about secrets of Italian stylists? Are there in this world are women who are indifferent to the beautiful bag? Who of us has at least two or three or even ten bags in the locker room? Currently, in recent decades we have become real addicts bags. And that's why bags are now a key element in our way. But how to choose a bag that is right for you?


We offer you 7 golden rules of Italian stylists who will help find a bag, ideal for you.


Rule 1: Do not buy a bag without trying


Buying a handbag, it is important not to trust the simple instincts and emotional first impression. Bag need to try on. Take it to the store, put on yourself, look at yourself in the mirror. Hold the bag in her hand, presenting, as if you were on the street. Look at yourself as if from the outside to understand your or your this model.

Often already at fitting it is clear the solution to your specific case or not.


RULE 2: Choose the right size bag


Of course, it is important to choose the material of the bag. Some like only the skin, but someone suitable fabric or synthetics. However, what is important is the right size bag (yes, size is also important, as for example the size of the dress). Because as well as incorrectly selected jeans, bag the wrong size can make your body less attractive. Well selected size bags contrary helps decorate silhouette.


So, if you have a small growth, you should not choose large and very large bags. If you are tall or have a large figure, avoid micro-bags, t. To. They will visually emphasize the difference your great figure.


RULE 3: Choose the correct form of the bag


In addition to size is also important to choose the correct shape of the bag.

If you want to have some rule, it can be formulated as follows:

choose a shape that is the opposite of your body lines.

If you are tall and slim, it is worth looking into bags or wide round / square shape, if you are small and / or fairly complete, choose a more elongated and rectangular model. Create visual contrast.


RULE 4: The bag should be comfortable


We have already said that before buying the bag, it must die and try to reproach myself. It is recommended to not just look at yourself in the mirror with a bag, but try to assess its usability.

Estimate how much it easy or hard, pleasant or unpleasant to the touch, comfortable or uncomfortable to wear.

If you already have a bag at the store just a little uncomfortable, do not take it.


RULE 5: Bag emphasizes body parts


Remember that the bag emphasizes that part of the body, near what you are wearing it. Shoulder bags on the belt to emphasize the waist. Therefore, if you do not have a narrow waist, it is better not to choose such models.

If you carry the bag in hand, you will attract attention to your hands. This means that your nail polish should be in excellent condition. This is especially true of evening clutches. If you have a full wrist, ugly fingers, a broken nail, etc.. N., It is not necessary to choose the clutches. In this case, better to pick up her purse over her shoulder.


Bag «cross body» over his shoulder with a strap diagonally across the chest emphasizes the bust. If you have it too big or too small, it is better to abandon this model handbag.


RULE 6: Check the reliability of the bag


Bags are primarily used to carry things. So they should not be just beautiful and fashionable, but also reliable. Ask yourself what you will be wearing in this bag.

If it's books and magazines, they can be easily carried in your bag with an open top. But if you are going to wear a purse, the situation changes. Open bag for example - it is an invitation for thieves to steal your wallet.


RULE 7: Ask yourself whether the bag fits your "lifestyle"


You can literally fall in love with the bag, but if it does not work for you, believe me, love soon pass. Try putting your future in the bag all you need (wallet, keys, cell phone, IPAD, lunch to work, etc.).


Think about how much to you it is essential that the bag had an inner pocket for passport or documents. Where will you place the phone, you will be comfortable whether to get things etc.

Remember that the bag - this is primarily an assistant who holds all the important things for you, and not the object of envy for friends.