Whether you are travelling on your own for business or going on holiday with friends, being a woman is statistically more dangerous than being a man. You are more at risk of a number of threats, including theft and rape. Being safe while travelling is important and you can do that with these tips.

Read About The Place You Are Going

Find out as much as possible about the place that you are visiting. What is the climate like?

What dangers are there in the area? Should you wear something specific as a woman? This will help avoid offending the local people so you can enjoy your trip away.



Follow Examples Of The Local Women

Study the actions of the women in the local area. How do they dress and act while in public?

This will help avoid drawing unwanted attention to you or avoid something illegal happening. The more you know, the better you will be to protect yourself should something happen.

Avoid Travelling At Night

Do everything during the day. It doesn’t matter what you need or whether you’re travelling for luxury or business.

The night time, in any area, is more dangerous than the day. The night is when most problems happen.

If you do travel at night, make sure you are with people you know so you can all look out for each other.



Watch Your Drinks At All Times

Spiking drinks in common in many cultures so watch out for it! Never leave your drink unattended. If it has been left, order another one and just leave the drink.

If someone offers to buy you a drink, make sure you keep an eye on it at all times.

If you can, then drink from bottles where you can keep your thumb over the top to prevent anyone slipping something in it.

Pretend You Have A Partner

Men don’t want competition so avoid that by wearing a wedding or engagement ring on your finger – at least something that looks like one or the other.

If you are sitting alone in a bar and get attention, explain that you are waiting for a friend to keep the attention away from the fact that you are single and alone.



Leave Your Valuable Items At Home

Don’t give thieves a reason to attack. You may want to wear your expensive necklace or watch but it will just draw attention to yourself.

Leave anything of value at home where it is safe and sound – or even with a friend in case someone breaks in at home!

If you must take something of value, keep it out of sight at all times until you really need it.


Watch Out For The Room Safes

Think your valuables are safe in your room? Watch out as some hotels will have a camera on them to find out the code you are using.

This is a ploy for the hotel owners to make it look like your room has been broken into and your valuables stolen.

If you really want to keep items safe, have your own lockable safe with you and keep the key on you at all time.

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