Farmers markets might be an option for those interested in limiting their pesticide exposure.

Chicagoland has more than three dozen farmers markets, held every day except Friday.

Pamela Toler, of Hyde Park, frequents farmers markets.

"When I shop, I aim to buy local first and organic second. I haven't seen the most recent (list of highly contaminated produce, compiled by the Environmental Working Group), but I have seen earlier versions and I have made a special effort to follow it," she said. "I think the food tastes better from the farmers market. Plus, it's fun."

Many farmers markets offer organic produce, though not all farms are certified organic. Farmers should be able to say what pesticides, if any, are being used.

"Ask the farmer, and he will tell you what they use. Most only spray when it's needed and a lot of it is water-soluble," says Kirk Lange, of Lange's Farm, a vendor at several Chicago farmers markets.

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