It’s really hard to tell if a baby is safe when she is in the womb. Movement is one way for mothers to know on a daily basis if there is a problem. However, when you’re comparing notes with the other expectant mums and looking online, it’s normal to start panicking if your baby doesn’t move that much. Is this something that you should worry about, or are there other factors you need to consider?

How Early Is Your Pregnancy?

The first thing to consider is just how early yourpregnancy is. Most mums will not feel movement until they are around four months along.

However, there are some who will not feel anything until around five months. This stage is when you’re likely to feel more movement than later stages since there is more room for the baby to shift inside.



First, Second Or More Pregnancies

How many pregnancies have you had? Those on their first pregnancy will not usually notice the movements until around the four month mark. This is for a few reasons, including the fact that you won’t know what the movement should feel like. You may feel a flutter, which is the baby moving but you think it is an upset tummy.

Every Pregnancy Is Different

Not one pregnancy is ever the same. Even mums who have multiple pregnancies will find some things different, and movement can be one of them. It can be a cause for concern for some, but it is not usually something to worry about.

Babies position themselves in different ways and you may not be as sensitive to the movements in later pregnancies. It’s time to stop comparing yourself with other mums.



Are You Exhausted?

If your sugar levels are low or you are tired, it could lead to the baby being a little fatigue. Think about it: your baby gets all her nutrients from you. If you’re struggling, then your baby is likely to struggle too.

Think about how tired you feel and try to get some rest. You may wake up to find your little one doingsomersaults.

Are You Moving Around A Lot?

When you do a lot of moving around, you will find your baby doesn’t shift that much. That’s because you’re making rocking movements that is sending your little one to sleep.

If you’re really worried about a lack of movement, sit down for 10 to 15 minutes and monitor your little one. She will likely wake up from the lack of rocking and start kicking around. Babies also have sleep-wake-cycles and you may just be checking while she is sleeping.



Consult Your Doctor

There is a good reason to monitor the amount of movement your baby is making. This could be a sign that there is a problem.

If you’ve tried the above tips and there is still little to no movement, you should consult your doctor. You will likely have a scan to make sure there is nothing wrong inside.