We all wish about an ideal flawless face. Different concealers can relieve us to achieve such an effect. Usually women add some carefully made touches with the pencil that can cover the area under the eyes which help to camouflage the redness, dark circles and other problems. And most of them just stop there. But the stylists think that if you put a brighter concealer beneath the eyes, your whole face tone should be balanced not to look ridiculous.

Various shades of concealers

Redness can be visible in different zones. It can occur consequently of different hormonal problems, as rosacea or other misbalances. Also you can have after acne spots. In this case applying the right concealers can create the effect of shiny and beautiful skin. In the variety of coverage mean and concealers you can meet different variants which have facial features for the areas under the eyes, beneath the lips and on the nostrils.

Areas around the brows

Use here a highlighter pencil to emphasize your brows.Use it around your brows with the small strokes and then merge it with your fingers. The redness will not visible, the skin will illuminate and your brows will look more beautiful and visible. When you are going out, don’t forget about your brows. It’s an important part of the preparations to look gorgeous.

The nostrils

This part of face is often left without devoting much attention. But when you catch cold or have an awful seasonal allergy it is very dry and red. Opt for the concealers which contain various vitamins and useful ingredients, safeguard the skin and provide gently calming and moisturizing effect. For applying it’s better to take a soft brush to make the coverage more precise and to achieve all the hard lines. After applying the concealer you will see the difference.

Applying concealer

The area on the nose

To camouflage the bridge of the nose you should find a perfect concealer which will mask all the pores and won’t turn cakey. It will be better if it is include SPF. Formula of this accessory should be rather creamy and it should be absorbed into the pores and not sit on the top of the skin. After applying the concealer with covering features, add the highlighter on it and be beautiful.

Under the lips

No doubt you have an idea where is the roundest area of your chin. Add a little amount of concealer to the right part and mind the left part of this area, just under the corners of your lips. Such manipulation will let your skin look shiny and luxurious.

When putting on the makeup, concealer should be your favourite helper. Several magical manipulations can turn all the unexpected areas into perfect ones. To make the whole look gorgeous you should take into consideration all the littlest details. In this case you will be for sure the queen of the party or other event.

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