It’s an age-old story. Girl meets dress. Girl tries on dress. Girl cannot fall in love with dress until she gets all of her friends’ opinions on how she looks. Girl takes 500 blurry pictures in the dressing room mirror and sends them to her BFFs.

Now, to make our shopping selfies even easier, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld is installing iPads into the dressing rooms of his flagship store.

The London shop, which opened Friday, features iPads embedded into the walls of the rooms. The touch screens allow shoppers to snap pics of themselves in potential new outfits, apply Karl-inspired filters to the images, and post them to their Facebook and Twitter.

Which means you’ll get to show your friends that hot new crop top you’re considering for next weekend’s party, and post an entire one-woman Lagerfeld fashion show to your FB wall. Move over, Tyra Banks, there’s a new top model in town!

Want even more tech on your shopping spree? They’ve also got iPad minis on their display racks so you can shop the entire collection online. Cool!

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