Stop Those Ingrown Toenails Coming Back

Ingrown toenails look awful and are extremely painful. They can become infected if not treated quickly, but getting the nails out from the skin can be extremely difficult and time consuming. The good news is you can stop most ingrown toenails from ever becoming a problem again, and you don’t need expensive treatments. Here are some tips to start using today.

Cut Your Nails Straight Across

Don’t shape your nails with a pair of cutters or scissors. Cut the nail straight across to encourage it to grow straight. If you don’t like the sharp edges of the nail, use a nail file to just take that part away. Avoid over-shaping when using the file.

Use Cotton Wool


Soak your toes in Epsom salts to help avoid thebacterial infections that are caused by the ingrown nails. Then take some small pieces of cotton wool and place them between your nail and skin. Use tweezers to keep the cotton wool clean to avoid further infection.

The cotton wool is used as a barrier for between the nail and skin. As your nail stops cutting into your skin, you will find it much easier to shape your nails and avoid the ingrown nails occurring in the future.

Keep Soaking Your Feet

Soak your feet on a daily basis. Not only does this help to prevent infection, it will also help to soften the nail. The ingrown problems don’t feel as bad while you’re taking steps to prevent them.

Soaking your feet will also make your feet feel better after a long day at work. It can also help with other foot problems, like hard skin on the heels.

Choose Good Shoes

Your shoes may be the number one culprit. If you try to squeeze your toes into the tips of the shoes, you’re going to make it harder for the nails to grow properly.

This causes ingrown nails and foot infections, as well as making your toes extremely sore. Focus on buying shoes that are comfortable and fit properly. You’ll also avoid bunions if you do this!

Get Regular Pedicures


If you have it in the budget, get pedicures on a regular basis. If you don’t have the money for a professional, learn how to do them yourself properly.

You will be able to shape the nail properly, while making your toes look great the next time you’re in open-toed shoes or flip flops. Make sure the utensils used on the nails are fully sterilised to prevent the passing of any infections—and that includes fungal infections.

Try Over The Counter Options

There are a number of over the counter remedies to help with ingrown toenails. If you’re really struggling then consider trying out a few. Start with one and do a trial and error until you find one that works.

If the problems do persist, you will need to consider talking to a doctor. He will be able to give professional advice to stop the nails, but it may mean a complete removal.

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