Please read carefully to know how to make Surprise for your love!

1. Do surprises for your hobbies

Watch out for his enthusiasm and the fact that he is interested. For example, a fan of computer games (and games on PlayStation, XBOX) would be glad to the new drive, and if your favorite painting - a good set of brushes, pencils or special new tablet. Interest of his passions, and be sure to know what's new "toy" for himself, he looked after.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

2. Be creative with your hands

Do you think that no one gives gifts made with your own hands? Well, nothing! Such gifts receiving twice as nice - Favorite appreciate your diligence. Quilted warm blanket, collage or edited video interesting love story - a lot of options.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

3. Organize a "boyish" play

What boy does not love playing the war? Many men want to start, or are interested in a game of paintball. Another good option would be laser tag, a quasar. You too can join the game in the opposing team - let the best man win, or to join the team loved and to show that it means a real team.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

4. Prepare the posh dinner

Someone who likes to breakfast in bed, but not always possible to organize all - work, haste, crumbs in bed. Better suited to cooking thoroughly and make chic romantic dinner, attention to detail, make something original and unusual for your pair. Even the most sophisticated gourmets will appreciate your culinary skills.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

5. Spend a weekend away from the bustle of the city

Unpredictability - it is always interesting, touching and funny. Think of a memorable weekend program (in the city, in the country, in the mountains, in the forest), and run away together somewhere nibudna weekend only keep your plan secret from Blessed. Everybody loves surprises. The main thing just to make sure that he has nothing scheduled for this time.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

6. Provide the right choice

If you often can not reach a compromise - "what movie to see at night", "where to go", then make at least one night where everything would solve it. And tell him that "today, I agree with all your desires!" Favorite sure you respond with gratitude, and who knows, maybe next time will be "your" evening!

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

7. Plan a photo shoot

A joint photo shoot - and why not? Do not look at the hackneyed images, find the style that you like both and create! A truly beautiful photos will bring together your favorite no less joy than you. Yes, and it will be pleasant to remember through goda.Zapominayuschiysya romantic surprise - an unexpected trip for two to the country to which both have long dreamed of. It is important to keep to a certain point everything in secret (at least to the boarding), then just be able to surprise!

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

8. Give adrenaline

What about the extreme? Balloon flight is also considered! Enjoying the scenery together at high altitude - a great adventure. In addition, rental balloons often hold shares - dating for two with champagne.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

9. Give an important detail

If your favorite small importance representation at work, he will appreciate a good way to handle. Pulling it out of his jacket pocket, he will not only feel more confident, holding a beautiful "business accessory", but again remember you.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

10. Arrange relax at home

Try to become a geisha. Announced the evening of relaxation for your tiger. Scratched him behind the ear, mash it paws, flatten it tired after a hard week of work courageous "whiskers". Do not forget about your refined image and priyatnyerasslablyayusche-stimulating scents home.

Как сделать сюрприз для любимого

Be sensitive and sincere, you will want to do such a surprise for your loved one more and more often, it is so nice to give your loved joy.

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