Scheduling a trip to the pool is to be understood that the usual separate swimsuit in which you can arrange a fashion show on the beach here well, does not work.

First of all, because in water saturated with chlorine, a simple swimsuit can quickly turn into a shapeless cloth due to lack of polyamide in the composition.

Also, separate bathing suit to wear to the pool is not recommended, as the bra on thin spaghetti straps or smelting zavyazochkah, reinforced with water aerobics or swimming, can simply slide and various pendants and beads - become unnecessary obstacle in the water.

How to choose a swimsuit for the pool?

For classes in the pool made to select the fused swimsuit with wide straps and a closed or semi-open back. Especially should take care of the support of the breast. Swimsuit for swimming in the pool must be either a removable cup or sewn or product must be sewn of dense, well-shaped holding tissue.

Women's swimwear for the pool should be selected exactly on the figure. After all, even a couple of inches difference will not a very good result. Slightly larger size will subside, and a little less on the contrary harvesting and dig into the body, leaving unsightly scars.

Swimwear for swimming: the colors and styles

Swimsuit in the pool should emphasize all the advantages and of course, hide flaws. So, visually narrow waist is possible due to the stepper cutouts and contrasting side panels. A wide hips and slightly bulging belly can be hidden by wearing solid swimsuit with sewn slimming insert in the abdomen and bright painted bodice that divert attention from the problem thighs.

What swimsuit for the pool fit woman with big breasts? Oddly enough, but the owner of an impressive bust quite difficult to find the optimal model for swimming. Be sure it has to be soft top, brightly colored or just a light bottom, and of course with underwire cups and wide straps that will provide good support for the breast.

Ladies with small breasts suit swimwear for the pool with stitched foam cups. Frills, ruffles, contrasting inserts and bright horizontal patterns, visually give volume. Bottom shorts looks great on women with short legs.

Materials seamless pattern

Standing in front of the store hangers with various models and wondering what is needed in the pool swimsuit, you first need to pay attention to the material from which it is sewed. Swimwear for swimming must be compact, smooth, be marked «chlorine resistance», which means "resistance to chlorine," not be composed of polyester or cotton, because they are totally impractical in chlorinated water. A good swimsuit for the pool, fused or separated must contain at least 80% polyamide and 20% elastane or lycra. Also mingled with nylon, microfiber, polibutilenterftalata.

Products with high elastane content are ideal for swimmers with a curvy shape. Seamless modeling swimwear for the pool with great sculpting effect holds even breasts are very large, thanks to comfortably support and lift the insert.