I hate email. No, that’s not true, but it could certainly be better. The days of my inbox being filled with messages from my friends and family seem like a distant memory. Today it can take hours of sifting through unimportant email to find those rare gems and I’m not happy about it.

My inbox is filled with 4 types of messages:

  1. Important urgent
  2. Important non-urgent
  3. Unimportant
  4. Junk

Unfortunately, my inbox wasn’t designed to prioritize email in this way - every email, no matter the importance is given the same amount of real estate. The result is a ton of wasted time on unimportant/ low-priority email.

I recently read an article stating that an average person spends 28% of their work hours processing email. This statistic becomes even more alarming when you realize approximately 58% of these emails are unimportant.

On the verge of losing my hair to stress, a friend told me about a service that would alleviate my pain and animosity towards email.

Folks, it’s called SaneBox and it is quite simply a life-saver.


SaneBox prioritizes my most urgent email and summarizes the rest in a daily digest. This means I can focus on what matters and skim through the rest to make sure I don’t miss anything. SaneBox learns my preferences by looking at the relationships I have with my emails/contacts and decides what’s important based on my past behavior.


I also found myself using features such as 1-click unsubscribe for spam and bacn, snooze folders (defers non-urgent emails until later), automatic reminders (notifies you if an email you sent isn’t responded to). Another great benefit of SaneBox is that it works on any email service, client or device just by adding a folder to your email. That means whether I’m on my phone, work or home, I can have the same simple experience.

If you get too much email, I’d recommend trying SaneBox . You deserve it!

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