No person who has not heard about the bird's milk tasty cake. This is one of the best works of culinary art. Recently, a lot of variety of confectionery, but Cake pigeon's milk and to this day remains one of the most beloved. Not everyone knows what to cook it at home quickly and easily.

Production of cakes for the cake

you will need:

4 chicken eggs:
250 g sugar (one faceted glass);
170 g of flour;
sectional shape.
Cake pigeon's milk is used ordinary biscuit dough. To make it, take the eggs, gently separate the yolks from the whites.

Add a little salt or proteins a few drops of lemon juice, using this little secret, you can beat them much faster.
First whisk only some proteins after thick fluffy foam appears, start gradually add sugar or powdered sugar. Next, enter the recipe on 1 piece yolks, whisking continuing. Flour it is mandatory to sift, it intervenes gently paddle. That's all the dough is ready.

Take a split mold, grease it with butter, sprinkle with flour, pour the dough. You can bake a big cake and then cut it in half or make 2 thin layer. Bake best at 180º. Thick cake is baked about 30-40 minutes, thin - much faster, about 7-8 minutes. Willingness to easily determine the flavor, as well as with a wooden toothpick: slide it into the middle of the biscuit and pull out if the surface remains dry, so the cake is baked. Do not rush to remove the cake from the mold, let it cool, then it settles.
Preparation souffle

According to the recipe you will need:

5 eggs;
350 g of sugar;
200 g dark chocolate (for glaze);
1 sheet of gelatin.
To prepare the soufflé will use raw eggs without heat treatment, so they need to wash the brush and baking soda. First of all, soak in cold water leaf gelatin. Separate the yolks from the whites, put them for 3 minutes in the freezer. This is an additional precaution, it is believed that the way to kill some types of bacteria. Next, add a little salt into proteins, whip them into a solid foam to "peak" without turning off the mixer, add 1 spoon of sugar (only 175 g). It is also possible to use powdered sugar, it dissolves more quickly.

For the preparation of the souffle bird's milk is used in industry agar, a natural thickener, made from algae. But at home it is quite possible to do the usual gelatin because agar can not always be found on sale, and it costs considerably more expensive. The swollen gelatin melt over low heat, let it cool down. A thin stream of warm gelatin enter into beaten egg whites.

There are several recipes soufflé bird's milk, this is good because it, along with proteins used yolks. Put a water bath, whisk the egg yolks in it and the remaining sugar. It is important that the boiling water did not reach the bowl with the yolks, otherwise they will start to boil, which is highly undesirable. Connect whipped yolk weight proteins
Still needed cake: take a split form, put on the bottom of the cake, pour the souffle, cover the second Korzh, place in the refrigerator. When the bird's milk hardens, remove the cake, remove its shape, then melt the chocolate in a water bath, brush with a spatula top and sides. Prepare a cake at home does not take much worth trying again, and this recipe is delayed in your family for a long time.

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