The Dead Sea, also referred to as the ‘Salt Sea’, is a popular tourist attraction being a hypersaline lake – a body of water that has large concentrations of mineral salts such as sodium chloride – that made it a place that’s truly one of a kind.

This body of water is known as the Earth’s lowest point, and once believed as the place that was once home to various Biblical cities: Adman, Zoar (Bela), Zebouin, Sodom and Gomorrah. The Dead Sea provides a warm and soothing experience, and you’ll enjoy floating effortlessly while getting the minerals and the warmth of the sun’s rays.

It’s not surprising that tourists would want to visit the Dead Sea, and there are quite a number of recommended properties that will be good to visit near the area. Take your pick among these ideal dead sea hotels and decide which meets your preferences.

Dead Sea Spa

This property – the Dead Sea Spa hotel – is proud to be the first hotel promoted in the area of the Dead Sea. The hotel itself is an attraction: it has 277 air-conditioned hotel rooms with amenities suitable for both adults and kids. The hotel also has ‘The Spa’ and medical centers that first offered natural skin treatments, as well as mudpacks, massages and an indoor swimming pool.

Lagoon Hotel & Resort

The Lagoon Hotel & Resort is a famed 5 star property situated close to the Dead Sea. It’s also just 10 minutes away from the Jordan River. This property is a perfect ideal getaway for families and friends if they need a relaxing experience. The hotel provides suites that offer stunning views of the lagoon.

Holiday Inn Dead Sea

The Holiday Inn Dead Sea is a great place to stay to visit Jordan’s natural wonders as well as sacred sites. This Arabesque-style property has guest rooms that offer mountain and sea views. They have a luxury spa that offers Dead Sea salt treatments. Kids on the other hand also can have the time of their lives inside the resort’s Mini Gym and trampoline.

Movenpick Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Another 5 star property found in the vicinity of the Dead Sea is the Movenpick Dead Sea Resort. This resort is located in a traditional village within lush gardens along the Dead Sea’s northern shores. The village may have its famed antique look, but its rooms and suites are built with large terraces and modern furnishings.

Kempinski Hotel Dead Sea


The Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is also one of the ideal venues for visiting and exploring the Dead Sea. The property is situated on the Dead Sea’s edge hence giving uninterrupted views. This property also gives you access to the majestic countryside as well as other religious sites in the area.

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