Legs, meet your new exercise best friend: the pivoting squat and lunge with bicep curl.

"Every single woman asks me how to tone her lower body," says Prevention's fitness expert Chris Freytag. And while walking and jogging are great for cardiovascular fitness and burning fat, you need to strength train if you want to slim and sculpt muscle.

But she finds that most clients dread doing the two most effective thigh and butt toning exercises: squats and lunges. "No one said they had to be boring," she explains. That's why she created this combo exercise that targets your leg muscles while adding an upper body challenge to keep you engaged and interested.

"By holding onto the dumbbells throughout the exercise, you're adding more weight to your squats and lunges which adds and extra lower body challenge," Chris says. And if you pick up the pace, you'll burn even more calories.

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