Summer is here and it is time to get your wardrobe in order. Once you have the clothes and the swimsuits, it is time to focus on the accessories. What will you wear in your hair and on your feet? Here are the 2013 summer must-have accessories that all women need.

The Must-Have Summer Accessories for 2013

Large Hats

Who said hats were just for the cold months? Large hats are a must-have this summer and offer practicality as well as fashion.

There are many different styles available and they are perfect for the beach or a day shopping with friends. There’s no need to worry about hat hair as long as you find one that fits your head perfectly.



Greek/Roman Style Boots

Have you seen the boots that strap all the way up the calf? They look almost like the shoes that the Ancient Greeks and Romans would wear.

These are all the rage this summer and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Just make sure you take them off now and again or you’ll have some embarrassing tan lines!

Furry Pumps

If the knee high styled shoes aren’t your taste, then try out the latest furry pumps.

These are great for wearing with suits and summery dresses but you may want to wear some light tights with them to avoid the feet getting too sweaty!



The Micro Cape

Need something to cover your shoulders while out? Whether it is for an evening event or you just want to protect your shoulders from the sun, the micro cape will help.

This acts like a shawl and reaches the top of the arms, with many buckling at the front to keep them in place. You can use the cape to make your shoulders look bigger if you have a pear shape!

Floral Print Handbags

When it comes to accessories, women must have a handbag. The current trend for the summer is a floral print one.

These have a summery look and mix together many colours stylishly. You can use them with other floral print clothing or with block colours so the handbags stand out.



Alice Bands

Headbands are popular but the large Alice bands are the must-have style for this summer. Larger, pink options work really well of hairstyles that have quickly been scraped together.

The best thing is that they work with all types of events and needs, including shopping with the girls, a work do or just lounging around the house.


Cut Out Heels And Toes

You usually either have one or the other when it comes to shoes—the toes are on show or the heels. This summer, break all the rules with cut out toes and heels on your shoes.

These work great with all types of items of clothing, whether you need something for your work suit or looking for something to work with your flowery dress.

Find a pair that fit comfortably to avoid your toes hanging over the edge; you can buy pads that help to prevent the slippage.

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