The Perfect Fashion Tips for the 20-Somethings

Turning 20 and going through this decade is great. It’s the time for many women to learn more about their fashion sense, decide on makeup styles and start working on that line between the teenage years and maturity. You don’t want to look too young but you don’t want to be too old at the same time and here are some of the perfect fashion tips.

Try Out Stores You’ve Never Been To Before

Don’t get stuck in all the stores that you used to shop in.

Some of the stores that seem “old” actually have some great styles and will be perfect for your needs. There are also thrift stores and charity shops to consider.

Try out the different types of stores and mix and match to create your own fashion style.


Dresses Are Great For Bridging The Gap

Dresses are an excellent way of bridging the gap between the teens and the 30s. They don’t have to be long or cocktail dress length.

There are plenty of options that stop mid-thigh to give you that in-between stage.

Look for those with lace overlays and in bright colours and use belts and other accessories to keep your own style.

You Can Still Shop In Younger Stores

You can still buy the stuff you did in your teenage years. The trick is wearing it to suit your age.

If you look carefully, you may see women in their 40s, 50s and even 60s shopping in the same section as you! Jackets, tops and trousers are suitable for all ages.

It’s the emblems and detail that you have to look out for.



Phase Out Your Younger Clothes

If the clothes don’t fit anymore then you need to get rid of them! If they still fit, try phasing them out.

It will stop you from feeling old before your time and will allow you to enjoy your favourites.

Consider wearing some shorter shorts to bed or when relaxing in your own backyard. You can then phase in the older clothes.

Treat Yourself To Designer Clothes

Your clothes will last much longer now so it’s time to look at the best value for your money. Think designer!

As you get older, reward your change in style with some of the designer options around.

It could be a dress that you’ve always loved or a top that is perfect for replacing that strappy bright coloured top in your wardrobe.


Think About Your Shoes

Now it’s time to think about the things you put on your feet. As a teen, you may have switched between sneakers and high heels, depending on the occasion.

Now is the time to invest in comfortable and smart footwear, along with a few heeled choices. Look out for trendy wedges for work or some pretty ballerina pumps for your casual dress.

bracelet-ring-triangleAccessorise Carefully

While you don’t want to lose your personality, you need to be careful with the amount of accessories you have.

Opt for a simple chain and a belt. Don’t have the big hooped earrings and large rings that scream young adolescent!

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