Summer is right around the corner, and we absolutely cannot wait. From bikini boot camp to summer salads to beach bag essentials, we’ve got warm weather on the brain. Next up on our list of must-haves for June, July and August? Summer legs, of course. And one of our favorite (and most budget-friendly) ways to get soft, smooth summer legs is Aqua Spa bath and body products…

Aqua Spa Soothe Body Creme

Aqua Spa was designed for the girl on the go, who wants to look and feel her best without breaking the bank. Aqua Spa gives you an anytime spa experience…no appointment necessary. , it’s the best way to get budget-conscious (and spa quality) beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Aqua Spa Bath Oil

Aqua Spa’s Energize, Relax, and Soothe collections all work to hydrate your skin by replenishing your body’s moisture and removing any impurities. Aqua Spa also reinvigorates tired, sore muscles while giving you younger, smoother looking skin. What’s not to love?!

Here’s how you can get beautiful, soft summer legs…


The first step to gorgeous summer legs is Aqua Spa’s body cleanser. Prep your skin with an amazing body wash that cleanses without leaving you with dry skin. You’ll want to work the Body Cleanser into a rich lather on damp skin using hands or a pouf and rinse well. You could also use the Body Cleanser to get an extra-close shave, which is a must for summer-ready legs.


After you’ve prepped your skin, you’ll want to give it a soothing soak with Aqua Spa’s Bath Soak. Rejuvenate your tired muscles with this beautifying bath salt treatment. Just sprinkle some Bath Soak into warm, running water and enjoy. We all know that flip-flops may be super cute to wear poolside, but unfortunately they can leave feet overly exposed to cracked heels and callouses. Let your pedicure shine through, and soak your feet for a little extra pampering that will keep you looking great in your go-to summer shoes. We love the Bath Soak in Soothe because of the cooling effect from the mint and eucalyptus. It really helps tired toes feel fresh, after a long day spent on your feet. Say it with us: Ahhh.


Once your skin is cleansed, soaked and relaxed, it’s time for Aqua Spa’s Body Crème. Cover your skin with this silky and soft moisturizing crème that gets rid of dry skin for good. Apply your Body Crèmegenerously to clean skin for satin-smooth summer legs. Our recommendation? Try the Body Crème inRelax, which is a blend of lavender and chamomile. It smells amazing, and feels even better on the skin.


And now, for the final (and most important) step to getting the perfect summer legs… Aqua Spa’s Bath Oil, a beach bag must-have! Lavish your skin with this super hydrating Bath Oil that seriously moisturizes while also protecting your skin against aging. All you need to do is massage a few drops onto legs for the perfect summer glow. On extra humid days, enjoy the Bath Oil as a silky body wash which will keep your skin hydrated even after toweling off, letting you skip the moisturizer. It’s also great to use for a scalp treatment or to de-frizz and detangle hair—perfect after a windblown day at the beach. The Bath Oil also includes natural oils that quickly absorb into skin. Summer legs, here we come!

Aqua Spa Relax Bath Products

With Aqua Spa, you can take a beauty break without worrying, knowing that all of their products are made in the U.S.A. and carefully formulated with only the highest quality ingredients and practices. Aqua Spa doesn’t test on animals either, and all products are free of parabens and formaldehyde.

Aqua Spa Bath Products

Beautiful summer skin is all about keeping hydrated. Aqua Spa gets you insta-ready to glow all season long.

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