Temper tantrums are thrown by all children. They think it’s the best way to get attention and get the thing that they want. You need to show them who’s boss and that their antics are not something you condone. You can’t give into them and here are some tips on dealing with them.

Don’t Pay Them Attention

Don’t pay them attention when they are throwing their tantrums. If it is safe to do so, turn your back on them or do something else. Eventually, they will realise they’re not getting the attention they wanted and stop.

If it isn’t safe, get them in a situation that is safe or simply avoid talking to them or looking at them, while you continue with what you were doing.



Put Them On The Naughty Step

If they’re old enough and it’s safe to do, give them a time out. Put them on their naughty step or mat for their allocated time. However, you will need to give them the warning and explain why you are doing it.

Eventually, they will realise that tantrums just get them into trouble and they shouldn’t do it. You’ll have a completely different child.

Stay Calm

It’s really easy to start losing your rag. You’ll have looks from other parents and adults who simply want you to shut your child up.

Stay calm and don’t give in; this is what your children want you to do. If they see you get angry about it, they’ll keep doing it until you give in to what they want.



Look To See If There Is A Pattern

There may be another reason for the tantrum. Some happen around 3pm when they need a snack. Find activities for them to do to keep them occupied.

They’ll hardly notice that their blood sugars have dropped and that they’re getting tired. If they do genuinely need a snack, find something healthy for them to munch on.

Give Your Children A Choice

Give your children choices over the way that you will deal with it. Either they calm down or they have to go on the naughty step etc. If they continue with their tantrums, follow through with the other option.

They will soon realise that they should opt for the first one. You could also give them the choice of having something different, for example, a healthy biscuit instead of the packet of crisps.



Don’t Reward The Bad Behaviour

If you start rewarding bad behaviour, such as cuddles to calm them down, you’ll find that they throw tantrums more often.

Don’t reward the bad behaviour and treat it as something negative. If they realise that you don’t accept it, they will stop doing it.


Watch Out For Injuries

Children do lash out. Some may even do something that will cause an injury to themselves. You need to watch out for these.

Move them away from something that could hurt themselves and don’t try to restrain them. They know you want the best for their safety and will push you to your limits.

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