It’s really easy to think that the country you are visiting will have customs and laws the same as yours. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you are going, there are some things that you simply shouldn’t assume. These will avoid you embarrassing yourself and getting arrested and needing the help of your embassy.

Assuming The Drinking Laws Are The Same

Some countries have laws prohibiting drinking in public, while others ban it completely. This is often because their laws are founded on religion and not the people.

Take your time to learn more about the country you are visiting to make sure you don’t fall foul to these laws. You will be able to find the information online: ignorance is not a defence.


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That Your Holiday Rep Will Call

If you’re not where you should be at the right time, you won’t get a phone call from your holiday rep. Most of them won’t have your mobile number. If you are delayed for any reason, give your rep a call and explain.

Not all will be able to wait—for example, aeroplanes will not wait for passengers who haven’t arrived on time for boarding.

The Hotel Picture Is A Perfect Representative

Do your research into any hotel you consider staying at. The pictures in the brochures and online will look lovely but that doesn’t mean they are a true depiction.

Find out what other people have said about it. TripAdvisor is a great place to find out what people really think of a hotel.



That You Will Be Respected

Women aren’t respected like men in all countries. This, like the drinking laws, often comes down to religion.

Do your research and don’t expect to be able to talk to everyone—or get everything that you ask for. If you don’t like that idea, then the country isn’t a place for you to visit.

Assume The Air Conditioning Will Be On

Countries are warm and the hotels will be hot. Most do have air conditioning but that doesn’t mean it will be on. Most rooms will be controlled by their own systems, so you need to control it yourself.

Ask a member of staff to explain it to you if you cannot work out how it turns on and off. Likewise, if you are going somewhere cooler, don’t expect the heating to be on.



That Room With A View Is The Beautiful View Of The Sea

Every room as some sort of view. It could be the sea and beach but it could also be the busy street outside. Most of the time, you will find the rooms with the excellent views are more expensive.

If you’re not willing to pay for it but ask for a view, don’t expect it to be the one of your dreams.


That Western Clothing Is Acceptable

There are some countries that expect you to dress as they say. For example, the Vatican City expects you to cover your legs and shoulders and some Middle East countries will expect your whole body covered.

Don’t assume your clothes will be adequate. Do your research to avoid embarrassment.

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