There are things in the world that you’ve probably never heard of. If you’ve heard of them, it could be from movies and popular culture of the 60s, 70s or earlier. The same is going to happen with your children and future generations. In time, these items will no longer be in memories and just in popular culture.

The Cassette Tapes And Players

You probably grew up on cassette tapes. They were great for recording the radio songs to listen to in your own time and for making up your own stories and music. Walkmans made it possible to listen to music on the go. These are items that your kids will never remember. They won’t have to use a pencil to get the tape back into the plastic!

VHS Tapes And Players

Like cassettes, VHS tapes have gone the way of the dinosaur. DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are all you will see, with 3D Blu-Rays coming out now too. Your kids will never know what came before their cool discs that allow them to quickly skip past trailers and the copyright notices.

Letters Through The Post

OK, this hasn’t quite died out yet but it is in the process of it. The only letters you really get now are from companies demanding money; and even those companies are moving to online forms of communication. The simple thing is that emails, text messages and social media are just much easier to deal with, especially considering there is such a big drive to save on paper.


Using A Physical Dictionary

Very few children will bother with dictionaries now and if they do, they’re online. The truth is that more children use the spellchecks on their computer or the autocorrect on their smartphones (although that’s not really the best for getting the right spelling!). There is also the move to text speak and using symbols to keep character count down.

Landline Phones And Telephone Boxes

Another form of technology on its way out, since so many people now have mobile phones. In the past, people would need telephone boxes to make a call while away from the home, but can you name the nearest phone box to you now? Landlines are dying out too, with really only the older generations bothering with them or those who need them for business.

Using Cheques For Payment

Cheques were once the main form of payment. If a company didn’t accept cheques, they were likely struggling financially. Now, hardly any company accepts a cheque because there are so many more convenient ways to pay. Now, if they don’t accept card payments, they will start to struggle financially, unless there is a cash machine next door.

Using Maps And Asking For Directions

Gone are the days of people using physical maps to get between places. Even road maps are becoming a thing of the past. This is because everything people need is right on their phones. They can quickly type in a location and Google will do it all.

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