I’ll skip the preamble here because I know you girls are all sick of all things wedding-related by now (and if you’re not yet, just wait till you hit 25 and EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER MET is getting hitched).

It’s not hard to find a guide to proper wedding day attire or a bridezilla who sets up elaborate rules for her entire wedding party to follow. What is (sort of) hard? Finding a pretty, daytime appropriate-but-still-fancy-enough dress that you can wear to the shower. It’s tough because all the most perfect dresses are white but you can’t wear that because of the bride and all that. The key is to stick to pastels and modest cuts.

If you’re heading to one of these mimosa chugging contests showers this summer, you’re in luck. I’ve assembled a few of my favorite shower dress picks right here. Looks like there’s a bright side to the endless barrage of parties that honor other people.

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