Too many new mums worry that they’re not going to be good enough. In fact, they worry that their actions can make them bad mothers, and run the risk of having their child taken away from them. Here are some common myths that actually make you a good mum.

Disciplining Your Child

Of course, there is a line between discipline and abuse. However, many women fear that simply telling their children off will make them look bad.

The truth is that you need to tell a child off for doing something naughty, and the earlier you start, the easier it will be later. Children don’t always understand the word no—they want to know why not. You need to explain to them the danger or the reason.



No Dessert Before Dinner

If you give in to letting your child have dessert before dinner, just because it at least gets some food into her system, she will learn that you will give in eventually.

You need to make it clear from a young age that dinner must be eaten first, and that every food must be tried properly. You’re not a bad mum for waiting until the majority of the food is gone.

Not Helping With Simple Tasks

You want your children to be independent and learn how to do things. There is nothing wrong with letting them try to do tasks themselves.

Of course, if they do get really frustrated, and are a danger to themselves or others, you need to step in. Encourage your children to do something themselves, and cheer when they manage it.



Letting Them Throw A Tantrum

Whether it’s in the house or out at the grocery store, mums fear they’re bad if they let the tantrums commence. It’s harder when out because you have strangers looking at you.

However, as long as they’re not hurting themselves or others, there’s nothing wrong with letting them throw a tantrum. It makes it clear that you are not going to give in, and those tantrums will soon die down. If you give in, they’ll just get worse.

Not Getting The Most Expensive Of Anything

While the most expensive may look great, your children don’t need it. Whether it’s a changing table for a newborn or the latest games console for teenagers, you’re not a bad mum for choosing not to buy them.

You can encourage them to save up some of the money themselves so they can have it. It soon teaches them the value of money.



Getting Them To Compete With Themselves

They’re going to fail at something, and it’s up to you to encourage them to get back on the horse and try again. When they do well, you need to encourage them to do that little better the next time.

There is nothing wrong with getting children to compete with themselves. Some competition is good for them, and they will constantly strive to be the best they can be in the future.

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