Tips for ideal hair care

We all want perfect hair and by following just a few steps we can achieve it easily.

Tips on shampooing and conditioning to women:

Especially living here in the Middle East it is essential to always use a conditioner after shampooing with an appropriate shampoo according to the hair type, due to the water quality in the region. Whether it is a rinse-off or a leave-in-conditioner doesn`t matter.

Tips on brushing and blowdrying hair:

As long as you always use styling products that work like a heat shield on the hair to protect the hair when blow-drying it, there is nothing to worry about. Giving the hair a break in between by letting it dry naturally will help as well to maintain beautiful hair.

Tips on hair treatments? how often? what? how? when?

Talking about intensive hair treatments, which should be used at least once a week, it is very important to choose the right product for your hair. Damaged hair needs obviously a stronger treatment, mostly enriched with oils to smoothen the hair, than normal hair. Depending on what sort of treatment you are using the development time is at least 5min and varies up to 20min. It should be applied on towel-dry hair and you should massage it into lengths and ends, if wrapped into a towel or a foil the result can be intensified.

What hair myths exist about haircare that are not true or ARE true -(eg. brushing hair 100 times a day)?

Well, there are a lot of myths around – only few of them are based on facts; mostly they are just made up.

How does looking after hair in the Middle East differ from other countries? what extra precautions should you take?

Even though the desalination plants here in the Gulf are highly sophisticated and on the latest technical standards, obviously the water quality is still far away from being as good as natural spring water. The main problem is the added chemicals, which gives the water a slightly alkaline value. As mentioned earlier – the only precaution you should take is using always a conditioner when shampooing the hair. The acid in these products will neutralize the hair and prevents unnecessary dryness.

How do you achieve sleek, healthy hair?  (diet, vitamins, products, advice)

It is known that a healthy looking skin is like a mirror of your lifestyle – actually this applies as well to our hair. Therefore it is very important to have a balanced diet (lots of vegetable, fruits, milk products – calcium! etc.) as well as using the right products to nourish your hair additionally. We apply moisturizing creams on our skin every day, but the hair is naturally even more exposed to sun whenever we are outside and only few persons think to protect the hair from these harmful UV-rays. Treat the hair as you treat your skin! Latest every 8 weeks a visit to a hairdresser to get the ends trimmed helps as well.

What should you NOT do to your hair?  no-nos in the hair world?

1. Never rub the hair when towel-drying it (instead squeeze the water out)

2. Never comb the hair without applying a conditioner first (increases comb-ability and prevents breakage when combing too firm)

3. Never go with too hot appliances on the hair

4. Never go to the beach/pool without covering your hair with a towel/head-scarf

5. If your hair is colored already and you want to have a perm/straightening done never do it at the same day, wait at least 8 days

Top five tips to healthy undamaged hair:

1. Use only mild shampoos

2. Always apply a light moisturizing conditioner which helps detangling the hair and protects the hair from drying out

3. 1-2 a week an intensive treatment

4. a trim-cut every 8 weeks

5. use only high quality tools to blow-dry and comb your hair

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