If you’ve moved home in the past, you know just how stressful it can be. It’s time to streamline the process and cut down on the amount of work that needs doing. You can make the move quickly and easily with the following tips.

Tips for Moving Home Without All the Stress

Plan Ahead

Leave as much time as possible for the packing. This gives you the ability to plan ahead. You can take your time to make sure each room is packed completely, and know where everything is.

Make a list of all the items in the rooms and plan your boxes on paper before you start putting everything away ready fortransportation.



Write On The Boxes

Make sure you make a note of the boxes so you know where everything is going.

With one glance, you can take the box to the right room as soon as you get there, which really helps you streamline the process. You may think that moving everything into one room and then going from there is the better option, but you’re actually wasting time!

Note Down Everything In The Box

Include a sheet of paper in each box with a list of all the items that you have packed. You could also make a note of this on the sides of the boxes.

This allows you to quickly glance at the items, instead of searching for hours to make sure you have the items that you want. This is very important if you’re going to need items before everything is unpacked.



Get Rid Of The Junk

Do you really need to take all that stuff from your past?

This is the perfect time to have a complete clear out and get rid of all the junk. You need to be completely merciless when it comes to this. Don’t think “I may need it…” If you haven’t used it for a year, you definitely don’t need it and it is time to get rid completely.

Sell Your Belongings

This may also be a great time to sell your belongings. This is especially useful if you have valuable items that you just don’t want to take anywhere.

Think about those extra dinner plates and the dresses that are clogging up your closet. By selling them, you won’t feel like they are going to as much waste as if you just binned them.



Consider Childcare

Trying to move with children or pets around is not easy.

Children want to help, but they often make the move stressful, and animals just get under the feet.

It’s really important to get childcare or pet care on the moving day. That way, you can get everything from one property to another without trying to explain where things are going or look for light boxes.


Organise The Legalities

There will be legalities, whether you’re moving to a rented apartment or buying a house. Make sure all the legalities are out of the way well before moving day. If you don’t organise these, they will just take up time and cause more stress.

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