Going on family holidays can be great, especially if you live far away from your parents and in-laws. However, this can also be a recipe for disaster. It is often the time that arguments happen or you miss out on doing something because others don’t want to do it. There are some things that you can do to make holidays with the family easier and fun.

Agree To Do Your Own Thing

While you want to spend time together as a family, agree to do that on an evening. During the day, spend doing things that you want to do, so you don’t miss out on something.

Encourage your in-laws and other family members to do the things that they would like to do. Of course, if you all want to do the same thing that there is no problem going at the same time.



Enjoy Family Meals And Alternate Cooking

Enjoy some family meals and alternate the cooking between you. This is the best way to spend some time together and make sure everyone gets at least one good meal each day.

If you alternate the cooking, none of you will feel put out or like you are doing the things you would at home. If you’re staying somewhere that doesn’t involve cooking, arrange to enjoy the same restaurant together.

Spend Some Time On Your Own

You don’t need to spend the whole time with everyone. Enjoy some time just to yourself, whether it is a nap during the day or to read a book at night.

Everyone will benefit from some alone time to recharge batteries and get ready for the next event.



Walk Away From Disagreements

Arguments and disagreements will happen. Avoid them as much as possible by walking away. Is there really any point in ruining the family holiday over one little thing?

If you do want to debate, that’s fine but make sure your points are backed up with proof like you would with any other type of debate.

Accept That You Can’t Plan Everything

There’s no point planning every single detail for the holiday. The weather may force you to change your plans, an activity may not be available or you may find that there is something else that you really want to do.

Accept that you can’t plan everything and move on from it.



Make Your Money Issues Clear

They may want to go to fancy restaurants every night but that doesn’t mean you have the money. If you have a tight budget, discuss it with them beforehand.

When they suggest a restaurant, accept it only if you can afford it. If they get too annoyed about it, suggest that they cover the bit that goes over your budget or they find something that you can all afford.


Discuss The Plans With Them

If you have plans set up, discuss them with the rest of the family.

While you may agree to do your own thing, they may want to know where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing and whether they’re invited to come along.

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