You want the best for your kids and that often involves motivating them to do something good with their life. If left to their own devices, they would happily live at home, get you to do everything and play video games the whole time. Motivate them to do something they love and make money out of it, whether that is creating video games, writing, taking photos or anything else in life. Here are some tips to help.

Set A Good Example

Children follow their parents. If you’ve set a bad example of being lazy, they will follow suit. You want to give them the best example in life, so do something with your life.

If you’ve always wanted to set up your own business, take the steps to see that happen. If you’re fed up of being in a job you hate, start looking for one that you love.



Encourage Them To Speak Out And Have Opinions

Everybody has an opinion but not all want to share it. Sharing opinions, speaking out and debating with good facts can be good in life. Encourage children to share their opinions but have them back them up with facts.

This helps them in the future when they need to stand up for their own thoughts, rights and freedoms.

Be Enthusiastic About Your Children’s Dreams

You may have no interest in the subject at all but your children do. Be enthusiastic for them and they will feel like you are encouraging them.

Buy books that cover the topics that your children love, look for information online and even look out for DVDs and video games that help them learn or involves this subject.



Ask About School And Learning

Ask your children about their days at school. Don’t just stop with “fine”; ask about the favourite time of day, what they’ve learned and whether they have any questions.

By being more involved in this area, they’ll be more encouraged to keep learning and be focused on their studies. They know they have your support, which is really important.

Encourage A Backup Plan

Some children like to do something that isn’t quite “stable”. They may want to break into acting or have a career in music. Try not to stop them from this; it is their dream, after all.

Encourage them to have something to fall back on, just in case. This could be something related to it. If they want to be a world famous dancer, consider encouraging them to open a dance school or teach others how to dance.



Talk With Your Children

Avoid talking down to your children. Have conversations with them to find out more about their thoughts and feelings. If they don’t seem interested in anything, it could be more than laziness.

Now is the time to do something about that. Don’t pressure them into talking about their problems, though; they need to feel they can come to you and it does take a fine balance.

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