Decorating ideas and modern interior design for 2015 is reflection of latest trends in art and architecture which celebrate simplicity, individuality and Green living concepts. Interior trends encourage to create and experiment, enjoying decorating materials and fresh design ideas, contemporary and blending traditional, retro styles and ethnic, rustic and glamorous, chic and brutality into amazing mixes of novel and the most interesting interior design solutions.

Modern Interior Design 2015

Fashion trends of 2015 are simple comfort and strength in the form of large elements, contrasting with traditional interior design ideas. Industrial style accents, rustic materials, brutal feel and simplicity are modern interior design trends for 2015.

Modern color schemes include dark brown colors and comfortable light, black and gray color tones. Bright green color, juicy yellow color shades, , similar to the emerald green hues, purple and pink colors, copper shades and red wine colors, grayish blue color tones and rich Greek blue color in various intensity are modern color trends in 2015. Neutral color schemes are spiced up with modern color accents.



1. Eco Green Interior Design


Green shade and its shades are folks, utilized who love the subtle shades. Green recalls the spring, warm, summer, and pleasant moments which are associated with the sun. Principal use the correct shade in the green, it should seem not depressing and fun.
Green goes well with white shades, the blend residing and make the interior naturalness.  You may use vivid equipment, green. Also goes properly with blue, lime green and pink. When utilizing the green color in the interior have to be a lot of normal light to the room appeared bright and gentle. Green shade blends well with the organic wood color and wood. The color green and the tree search beautiful and are appropriate for people who enjoy the setting.

Modern Interior Design 2015


2. White Decorating Ideas Mixed With Natural Wood


Nothing is more calming or chic than an all-white room. Vary a white colors scheme with various shades of off-white, cream and pale grey for a beautiful backdrop that lends itself to many different styles. Whatever your style - from minimalist to boho - a palette of white will create a beautifully relaxing space. If you have a bay window, a painted window seat with a striped seat cover works beautifully.  Scour the shops for seaside-inspired accessories, like a porthole-style mirror, or choose a painting to create an authentic look. White also may work throughout the seasons. The key to a perfectly snug winter-white look is to warm up white with layers of neutral shades like cream, beige and brown.
Modern Interior Design 2015


3. Bright Room Colors


Walls in neutral colors need beautiful accent wall decor and creating a bold. Bright decorating colors may bring dramatic changes into interior decorating. Wide stripes on walls, modern prints and art works, colorful accent walls and home furnishings create spectacular color combinations and allow to Feng Shui home interiors with color. Modern Interior Design 2015 give great inspirations for bringing more color into homes. Women and men appreciate colorful accents and are willing to experiment with color design. People are craving changes, and color allows to transform interior decorating with creative, bright and stylish home decorating ideas which improve mood and make them feel energetic and cheerful.

Bright Room Colors