A wedding is, no doubt, one of the biggest  moments of a couple's life. You plan every detail meticulously, spend months exercising and eating right and hours the night before ensuring all the centerpieces are perfect. After such a stressful day, you two deserve one heck of a romantic honeymoon. However, in today's economy, many couples are having to push back honeymoons due to finances. Don't skip that much-deserved romantic week off. Instead, check out these five amazing (and very affordable) honeymoon destinations.

Oahu, Hawaii

Don't let your financial woes stand in the way of you and a beautiful beach like the one above. These top honeymoon destinations are perfect for the couple on a budget, since they offer many cheaper hotels (that are still luxurious), great dining options and attractions that won't deplete your savings. You and your hubby deserve time off, so enjoy your honeymoon without money stress by checking out one of these locations! Plus, a few of these don't even require a passport!

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii, despite being in the U.S., is one of the most expensive places to travel. However, unlike Maui or Kauai, Oahu offer the same gorgeous views for far less money. If you two are adventure seekers, Oahu is your place. This tropical paradise offers amazing attractions that cost nothing or next to nothing to see, like Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head crater and theBanzai Pipeline surf break. If you're more into the city lifestyle with a tropical edge, you'll want to hit up Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital, located on the southern tip of Oahu. Honolulu has a hefty hotel stock, which means the odds of you finding one for a reasonable price are much higher. If you're a foodie, you'll love Honolulu's affordable farmers' market on Saturday and the cozy restaurants in the Kapahulu neighborhood.

Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina

If you're in the mood for a beach, historical tours and amazing food, but don't want to leave the country (or fly the eight plus hours to Hawaii), check out Charleston, South Carolina. This beautiful and historic city is made for romance and offers amazing attractions and cheap food. In addition to plenty of nearby free beaches, like Folly, Isle of Palms and Kiawah Island, Charleston also has other free sights, right in the city! The Charleston City Market, one of the oldest in the country, is open daily and offers hundreds of handmade items from local vendors. You also can visit Battery Park, which offers breathtaking views of the ocean as well as many beautiful trees and historic homes.

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