Pregnancy is a fun time for many mums but it is also a time for worry. Expectant mothers worry about whether the exercise they do or food they eat will harm their growing baby. They worry about labour and delivery choices. This is where websites are really helpful, as long as they are full of expert advice. Here are some sites that will really help you along this journey.
Top Websites to Help You During Your Pregnancy

Decoded Pregnancy

This website is full of information written by only experts. It is an extension from the original Decoded Science and offers advice from planning your pregnancy all the way to your delivery options.

There are also tips on handling various stages of your pregnancy and using technology to help.


BabyCentre.Co.Uk (Or BabyCenter.Com)

BabyCentre is a long running UK website for expectant parents. The US version is It is full of information, tips and advice from the experts so you know you can trust it.

Pregnant women have many questions and you will usually find your answers somewhere on the pages of this website.

There is also a weekly calendar detailing the development and a calculator to roughly work out your due date.


You don’t just need advice and tips when you are pregnant. This is the time to start preparing for the arrival of your baby. Children are expensive so you need to save as much money right now as you can.

ReCrib is full of second-hand items for sale at affordable prices. You can also sell your own items when you’ve finished with them to make money from them.



The Car Seat Lady

How much do you know about car seat safety? Probably not much right now but the Car Seat Lady does!

This website is full of all the safety laws regarding seats and the best thing for your baby as he turns into a toddler and then a child

. The site only allows experts to share tips and advice on choosing the right car seat and installing it safely.

Best For Babies Foundation

Best for Babies is designed for mothers who are going to breastfeed. Don’t feel like you need to but if you want to make an informed choice, this is the perfect website.

It debunks the myths and misconceptions and offers guides to make breastfeeding easier.

Healthy Child Healthy World

There are many harmful chemicals and probably things that you don’t expect! Healthy Child Healthy World goes through all the ones that you need to be aware of.

This isn’t about scaring you into only using natural products; it is designed to make sure you informed in all the decisions you make for your unborn baby.