Carnival in Brazil - is the most luxurious and spectacular event, which takes place in the country in mid-summer. This festival is attended by all residents, regardless of age. Most tourists think that Carnival takes place only in the capital of the country - Rio de Janeiro. In fact, it is a national holiday and is held across the country. Even in the small towns for a few days and stopped all work together residents are immersed in a festive atmosphere and dance the samba till you drop. Anyone who wants to attend the grand event, it is necessary to plan a trip in February, as it was in this month will be a carnival.

The essence of the festival is that the representatives of the most famous samba schools demonstrate chic costumes and grandiose platform, decorated in different styles and demonstrate an event from history or mythology of the country. The main rule of the carnival - the representatives of each of the samba schools have to dance like you can have fun and show a great show. Visit pageant can be anyone, however, permit, which includes participation in the festival, will cost several times more expensive.

Tickets for the carnival goes on sale a few months before the holiday. Anyone can buy yourself a ticket and plan your trip. Training should start with a search of the hotel early and reserve a room, because on the eve of the carnival cost of accommodation in hotels Brazil increased by several times.

In addition to competitions in Sambo, at the carnival there are many other exciting activities. Anyone can visit the contest Brazilian ass or go to the finals of the contest Miss Boom Boom or costume party, which take place in almost every hotel.

In order to fully feel the spirit of the Brazilian carnival, it is better to go to a personal tour, in which are included participation in one of the columns of the festival. Participants dance at a very energetic music and performance of each school is given about an hour, during which the tourists have to dance, in order to maintain the festive atmosphere.

Brazilian carnival is interesting not only for its fiery dances. Once on this holiday, you can explore the history of the event and to plunge for a few days in a fabulous and fun atmosphere. Despite the fact that many condemn the carnival because of the very candid costumes, however, having been there once, you will get a lot of vivid impressions and forget about the gray everyday life.

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