Why do you refuse to enjoy the experiment of traveling together with your child ?

If you are going on vacation, we often decide to leave their children at the grandmother in the country, believing that it would be less of a hassle. And then repent of their decision and begin to miss them. Out of this situation is: can and should travel with children. Here are some useful tips on how to make traveling with the child interesting and covsem burdensome.

Place to relax

Independent travel - it is the best way of organizing the holiday. So you save considerably and be able to fully realize their ideas for travel.

Parents often do not dare to plan a trip themselves, fearing to spend on it too long. But we can simplify the problem by using the ready-made solution otmetapoiska momondo. It is set to "Where to go?" Allows you to search for the most popular place to relax with your needs in mind. You specify your budget on airfare, desired date of travel and are determined with their interests and mood. Finder will select the most suitable place for your holiday at any time of the year. Moreover, it will show, and some useful information about each location, such as the cost of food, or interesting facts.
However, we recommend that you think about what it would be interesting to your child. Kids will like to frolic in nature or the beach, where there will be a comfortable, cool weather. Older children with great pleasure perceive active entertainment, such as amusement parks. Children from 6-7 years old will appreciate the cultural and entertainment program with entertaining excursions and trips to museums. Thanks to the choice of weather options "Where to go?" And you can pick the most suitable for your trip climate: hot (26), heat (+ 14-25 ° C), moderate (+ 6-13 ° C) or cool (+ 5 ° C and below).

Generally vacation with children requires a quiet place, without extreme and exotic. Aim for the choice of a mild climate, not much different from the usual for your household weather. Since your baby will be much easier to get used to the new environment.

On the plane

Many airlines do discount tickets for children, and hotels do not charge for accommodation at all the tiny tots. For example, flying on Russian domestic flights are free for children up to 2 years, and are often provided on the outer substantial discounts. But keep in mind that you have to keep your child in his arms during the entire trip. If you have a place at the beginning of the passenger compartment, the plane you are free to provide a cradle for the baby. And if you have two children, then they will have seats on the plane, but in this case, you pay half the cost of a ticket for "adults".
Sometimes airlines give their young passengers nice gifts. Kids will be delighted with the new teddy bear or a nice set of road.


It is best to find a hotel in the city center. So you will have more freedom in movement and can, for example, go for a walk, leaving the child with her husband.

Choosing a hotel, check out the reviews of other visitors with the kids. So it will be possible to know in advance about the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen hotel. Details such as the playing area for children or animators will help your child do not get bored.

Here, for example, in France, Italy, Sweden, Norway or Denmark recommend renting a house. As it turns out, and the savings and convenience, because hotels in these areas often do not provide solutions for families with children.
practical guide

Children require a little more time
When you stay with the child, then get used to that time with the children spent a little more than usual tour of the city, museums, excursions ... Right Plan your time, adding a little extra minutes to your every action.

Know how to negotiate with your husband
Try to agree in advance with your husband all actions "on the bank." For example, suppose that when you go shopping, your husband sit with the child. And vice versa. And so no one was not mad, make a graph of your actions.

Airport for children
In most air travel season, some airports offer families a separate queue. So you can very quickly go through the necessary procedures. Still do not forget about children's play areas at airports, where the baby can frolic while you relax before the flight.

The friendliest country for families with children in the "off-season"
It is believed that the best autumn vacation with children on the beach - in the countries on the Mediterranean coast. Autumn here comes the velvet season, and you can swim even before the end of October. This so-called «child friendly» countries, as there are excellent special facilities for children (such as food and extra beds in the hotel). In addition, in the Mediterranean - and wonderful sightseeing tours, equally interesting as your daze, and you. In October and November have a good rest in Thailand, where you expect a wonderful weather and warm sea. Since November, you can drive in the UAE, where at this time just falls stifling heat.

Drop all false doubts and go travel with your children. Believe me, it is quite easy, and then your long vacation infect the entire family in a good mood and will bring you all new thrills!