Traveling with you toddler doesn’t have to be difficult. With some simple planning and a bit of ingenuity, taking your little one on a car, train, bus or plane can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Traveling With Your Toddler

Packing Toys for Your Toddler

Packing Toys for Your Toddler
Although it might be tempting to take the entire toy box just in case, this strategy will seriously weigh you down. Imagine running through a busy airport the day before Thanksgiving toting your toddler, her stroller, a few suitcases and a garbage bag sized sack of stuffies, building blocks, crayons, dolls and more.
Instead of taking it all, ask your child to choose a few favorites for her trip. Make sure to start with her lovey (if she has one). If she sleeps with the same stuffed bear every night, it is an absolute must for soothing and transition times. Try to settle on toys that are engaging, have multiple uses and will not annoy other travelers. For example, your toddler may get hours of play out of her talking Dora doll, but the passengers around her on a four-hour flight will not take as much pleasure in the constant noise.
Easy ideas for toys and play-things that travel well with toddler include:

  • Interactive board books with textures, pop-ups or flaps.
  • Toy transportation items such as cars or plains that mimic the mode that you are taking.
  • Coloring book or pages and thick crayons.
  • Plush animals or dolls.

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