Breast milk jewelry is so last week. The hot new trend among parents is having their kids' baby teeth turned into keepsake jewelry. Say what?!

Baby Molar bracelet |

Sure it's no stranger — in my opinion slightly less weird, actually — than having your own breast milk turned into a pendant (yeah, that's a thing, too).

But do we really need to wear our kids' baby teeth around our necks or wrists in the name of a fashion statement? I'm not convinced. However, I may be in the minority. Etsy has no shortage of shops offering baby teeth jewelry options.

Where to get your baby's teeth turned into jewelry

Rock my world pendant |

Rock My World offers this "one of a kind" sterling silver baby molar tooth necklace.

Toots and Otis bracelet |

Toots and Otis, another Etsy shop, offers this baby tooth charm bracelet in brass, sterling silver or gold options.

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