No matter what size or shape you are, if you wear the wrong clothes then you will look big. Likewise, your clothes can make you look much thinner than you really are. Some of this is all about your size and dressing for it to show off your curves in an appealing way. However, you can also use specific items to your advantage.

Use Wrap Dresses To Show Off Your Curves

Wrap dresses are perfect for those who have curves. They really work on showing off the bust and hips, evening them out to produce a waist. This is one of the quickest ways to get the perfect hour-glass figure. This is also great for those with a straight up and down (rectangular) shape, since it can help balance the hips and shoulders out. Oprah Winfrey is one celebrity who uses this type of dress to her advantage.

Add Ruffles To The Waist

This unfortunately doesn’t work for all body shapes, but if you have a top heavy or pear shape, or already have the start of an hour-glass figure, adding detail to the waist could really help. Some dresses have ruffles around the waist to help accentuate the curves around it.

Use Detail To Draw Attention

It is often better to draw the attention away from the bits that you don’t like. This could be adding detail to the shoulders to make them look wide, or around the bottom of the dress to take the view away from anyproblematic parts of the body. You can also add accessories to outfits if they don’t already have detail to help use this to your advantage.

Opt For Flourishes To Break Up The Body

Dresses that have flourishes are perfect for a larger woman. The flourishes need to be in the same colour and it can take trials to find ones that work best for you. The best part is that these flourishes will break up the body, to make someone look taller and thinner than they really are. You should try to work this with wrap dresses or v-necklines to really work out beneficial.

Straight Necklines And Supportive Bras

If you have a large bust, you need to find something that makes that area look flattering. V-necklines make the wrong part of the body stand out and often make you look larger. Focus on straight necklines—or rounded if you really must—and invest in some supportive bras. You can opt for a top and skirt/trouser set or a dress.

Use Belts To Create A Waistline

Pear-shapedhour-glass, and rectangular shaped women will really benefit by adding a belt to the waistline. It creates a shape right there—and the one that you want. This is perfect for all types of dresses and tops. If you can’t add a belt, look for outfits that have some detail that goes around here. Try to focus on thinner belts rather than big ones that could cover the wrong areas.

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