Stress can be really bad for your health. It stops you sleeping and suppresses your appetite. However, it can also be healthy as it gives you a boost of adrenaline. There are times that you can use stressful situations to your advantage.

Let It Help Your Creativity

Do you ever find that you get more ideas when you have more happening? It’s really common—any artist, writer and photographer will tell you this. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Use it to your advantage and let it help your creativity. The next time you’re struggling with new ideas when stressed, write them down and go back to them afterwards.


See Things From A Different Perspective

This is linked to your creativity. When you’re stressed, you will start seeing things from different perspective. Your mind needs to look this way to be able to get everything completed.

Use this to your advantage and start thinking outside the box. Not only does this help your life, but it may help your job!

Boost Your Immune System

Short bursts of stress are actually good for your immune system. It forces it to use the fight or flight response and make it better for fighting the diseases and illnesses.

However, you need to watch out for too much stress—it can cause problems for your immune system, make you run down and more likely to suffer from illnesses.


Use It To Get Fit

There is good stress: the stress you get from exercise. This sounds strange but your body is under stress when you run, swim, lift weights and do other types of exercise.

You’re pushing it past its normal limits. However, this is good because your body gets stronger and you are more likely to improve your immune system.

Add More Exercise Into Your Day

While exercise is a form of stress, it can help you handle stressful situations; helping you get fitter! When you feel under pressure, sometimes taking a step away is a good way to think in a different way and analyse the problem.

The next time you feel stressed, put on your running shoes and get out for a run.


Get More Fresh Air

You don’t have to do exercise to benefit from stress. Instead of running, swimming or weight lifting, you could simply go out for a walk.

The fresh air is great for the brain and boosting its power. Time alone like this can also give you the freedom to think, away from whatever is causing the stress.


Keep Your Children Safer

If you’re worried about something, you are more likely to keep an eye on your children and keep them out of harm’s way. This could be from strangers in the park, falling down the stairs or putting their fingers in the socket.

Stress can help you grow up in a healthy and happy home—although you do need to watch out for keeping them over safe! They don’t need to be wrapped up in cotton wool.

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