White dresses have been common since the 19th century. In Britain, Queen Victoria wore white for her wedding and it became trend. The idea is that it is a symbol of purity but light blue has always been a symbol for that. White wedding dresses have become more of a fad and you can wear different colours if you want.

Wear Your Best Gown

In the past, women wore their best gown. It didn’t matter the colour or style, as long as it was the cleanest and one with the fewest holes! This was a time when it was harder to come by beautiful dresses due to the cost. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new dress, pick the best one out of your wardrobe and follow the original fashion.



Choose A Colour To Match Your Complexion

White tends to make pale skin look worse. You want to look your best at your wedding so opt for off-white colours, such as creams, light pinks and ivory. There’s no need to worry about quickly getting a tan or bothering with spray or fake tans for your big day. There may be other colours that work well with your complexion or hair colour. Try out different shades and see how they make you look – you want to look your best after all!

It’s Only The Western World

One the developed countries use white for their brides. If you look at the tradition of other countries, red is one of the biggest options. This is a beautiful colour that will make you stand out from the crowd and is a colour of royalty.



Go With The Season

If you’re planning a summer wedding, opt for pinks and yellows. Go with the seasonal colours instead of opting for ones that are rooted loosely with tradition. You may also want to think about the weather and location. If you have an outdoor wedding, it will be harder to keep white clean!

White May Not Be Your Style

Why conform to an idea when you don’t like wearing white? While you will only wear this dress once, it is for the biggest day of your life! Wear something that you will be comfortable in and that will make you happy when you look back over pictures. The last thing you want is to look back wishing that you wore something different and stuck to your own personality.



What If It Isn’t Your First Wedding?

Some brides feel like frauds when dressed in white for a second or third wedding. If this isn’t your first, why make it look like it is? If you don’t want to go the traditional root, you don’t have to. Pick a colour that you feel great in and makes you stand out from the crowd.


Add Multiple Colours

Instead of going pure white, you could opt for other colours mixed in. This could be detail on the dress in a different colour or a sash around the waist. Play with the style of dress you want to add different colours and make it clear you’re not the traditional bride.

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