You may smile as you watch your indoor cat snooze on its cushion by the window for most of the day, waking up only to be petted or fed. It lives a life of plenty, but this kind of sedentary life could actually be harming your pet. In order to ensure that your indoor cat lives a long, happy life, you can keep it energized and avoid obesity with a few simple tips.

Buy A Remote Controlled Toy

While your cat may seem to show no interest at first, the movement will get the better of it and eventually it will be chasing the toy all over the room.

Not only will this amuse you and your kids, but it will also provide your cat with exercise.



Use A Laser Pointer

If your kitty doesn’t respond to the movement of a toy, buy a laser pointer instead.

Most cats can’t resist chasing the bright little red dot, and this may be a better choice for cats that are more timid and that are frightened by the movement of a larger, unfamiliar object like a toy. Avoid shining the light into the cat’s eyes, however.

Put Kitty Down

If you have an affectionate kitty who loves to be draped over your shoulders or carried everywhere, you probably give into the big green eyes and allow it.

However, unless your cat is old or infirm, it should be allowed to walk on its own as much as possible. It will allow the cat to burn calories and tone its muscles.



Buy A Cat Tower

Local pet stores sell a number of cat towers that will allow your cat to climb, jump, and sharpen its claws, behavior that is both natural and good for them.

The taller the tower, the more confident they will feel perched on top of it. Because these towers encourage play, they keep your cat happy both physically and mentally.

Cut Back On Treats

While this might not make kitty happy, responding to every meow with a treat actually teaches your cat to beg and to expect food every time it sees you.

Instead of doling out treats every time your kitty comes to you, reward it with affection instead of food. This will strengthen the bond between you as well.



Install A Window Perch

Indoor cats definitely have fewer adventures than their outdoor counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the great outdoors through a window.

Install a window perch where kitty likes to hang out, and then hang a bird feeder where the cat can watch. It will love watching all the wildlife that comes to the feeder while staying safely indoors the entire time (and the wildlife will stay safe as well).


Get Your Cat A Friend

Cats often enjoy having another cat around to play and cuddle with. Depending on your cat’s temperament, it may welcome another kitty into the home, especially if they are properly introduced. There are many ways to keep your indoor cat healthy and happy, from affection to environment.

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