What do men notice first in women?

What do men notice first in women? Surprisingly, it’s not what you think...

The stereotypical man with only one thing on his mind may be a thing of the past, if new research is to be believed.

The study, commissioned by Murine eye drops, asked 1,000 men what they noticed first in a woman they had just met or one they passed in the street, and the results are not as obvious as you might imagine.


The first thing men notice about women is their eyes (and research suggests it’s the first thing women notice in men, too). “Eyes usually tell us a lot about a person so we aren’t surprised that eyes are what draws us to the opposite sex,” said a spokesperson.

The study also found that men think Cheryl Cole has the nicest celebrity eyes.


Smiles came second on the list. That’s hardly surprising, given the situation. When you first meet someone, or even if you pass them on the street, a discreet but genuine smile indicates interest, so we look for a woman’s smile to show if we have any chance of more-intimate moments.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has a wonderful smile, and she’s had quite a lot to smile about recently.


Many of us might have assumed that men notice a woman's chest first and everything else not at all. In fact, we do notice them, but only after eyes and smiles. Breasts are signals of youth and fertility, so it’s not our fault, we have to notice them - it’s our biological hard wiring.

Many men would say that Holly Willoughby has a chest worth noticing.


All those hours in the hairdresser aren’t in vain, it seems. Men notice hair right after boobs, and again, evolutionary factors probably come into play. Sleek, shiny hair is another sign of health and youth.

Jennifer Aniston’s various styles, but particularly her Friends-era “Rachel” cut, have become iconic.


Unchivalrous it may be, but men do focus on weight pretty quickly after meeting a woman. But that doesn't mean we’re after supermodel skinny. In fact, curvier women are often considered sexier by men than their slimmer counterparts.

Kelly Brook is the poster girl (many men certainly have a poster) for curvier women.


OK, men like long legs, and legs are the sixth thing we notice in women when we first meet. But women like long legs too. Research involving more than 200 men and women revealed that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered the most attractive, regardless of their gender.

Beyoncé is considered to have a great pair of pins.

Dress sense

Perhaps surprisingly, seventh on the list is a woman’s overall dress sense. That chimes with another recent study which found that men prefer classier dressers to women who flash too much flesh.

Kate Moss is one model who knows the secret of effortless cool, whether she’s working or not.


Bums are something else many of us might have expected to score more highly, but in fact they’re only eighth in the list of attributes men notice first. Again, a shapely bum - rounded and firm - is a sign of fertility, so it’s Not Our Fault!

Kylie Minogue’s pert bottom has been the object of many a man’s fantasies for the best part of two decades.


As the study reveals, we also focus on how tall or short a woman is. In fact studies reveal that men do like women who are shorter than them, but not by much. In one recent Dutch study, men were most satisfied with women slightly shorter than them (about 3 inches).

At 5ft 9in, Gwyneth Paltrow is the sort of tall-but-not-too-tall height many men would consider ideal.


Cliched man is supposed to notice only obviously sexual traits, but the survey found that men quickly take in the condition of a woman’s skin. Again, that probably has something to do with evolution. A good complexion is a sign of health, and healthy women are most likely to produce healthy offspring.

Nicole Kidman is said to have one of the most flawless complexions in Hollywood.

So yes, men do notice chest, bums and legs, but we notice more subtle signs of beauty and attraction, from eyes and skin to dress sense, too. Once again, it seems we’re not quite the cavemen we’re sometimes portrayed to be.

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