Miley Cyrus‘ long hair is long gone. Now, it appears as though her eyebrows are following suit. What’s going on here?

Singer Lily Allen, currently making her much-welcomed comeback with ‘Hard Out Here,’ posted a picture of herself and Cyrus hanging out on her Instagram feed.

Allen is clearly enjoying herself and Miley’s antics, which include the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer flashing her famous tongue and showing off what looks like either bleached and white-powdered eyebrows.

Whatever the case, we can’t see them…unless we strain and look really close.

It appears to be the work of a heavily caked powder obscuring her brows, since you can still make out the shape of her well-manicured arches. They’re just washed out and melt into her dewy skin. Thankfully, they’re not gone, baby, gone. That would be a style disaster.

Still, a brow-less Miley Cyrus looks like an alien!

Miley later posted a pic of her (sans eyebrows) with model Miranda Kerr.. who was also at the soiree.

PopCrushers and Smilers, take a peek at the pics below and tell us what you think of Miley’s latest look. She pushes the fashion envelope with purpose. But when people ditch their eyebrows, the whole symmetry of their face is…off.

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