In 'Tangled,' Rapunzel could have researched her life online through geneology sites and found out who her real parents were. She probably would have stumbled across a missing persons ad with her own face on it while she perused Facebook. It'd be just like that book 'The Face on the Milk Carton,' except with rich, royal parents.

On the other hand, Mother Gothel would have done a much better job of keeping her "daughter" on lockdown, probably with a very high-tech security system. Rapunzel wouldn't be escaping from any windows on her watch!



In modern times, 'Pinocchio' would have been a very different -- and much shorter -- story. Geppetto could have easily kept tabs on his little wooden boy, because Pinocchio would have used his iPhone 5 tocheck into Pleasure Island on Foursquare. (Gotta get that Crunked badge!)

Upon finding out that Pinocchio was hanging out in such a dangerous place, Geppetto could just call Pinocchio's cell phone to warn him about the island's mystical donkey-changing powers. No need to take a boat out and end up in the belly of a whale.


In a world where everyone is connected by social media, it would be pretty much impossible for a man to meet a local woman in a small-ish kingdom and then never find her again -- especially if he had something of hers as proof of their encounter.

Here's how Prince Charming would have gone about his search in modern times:

  1. Look her up on Facebook
  2. Post a Craigslist Missed Connection
  3. Make a few phone calls

Beauty and the Beast

If Belle had an iPhone, she could have easily texted her dad to let him know that she actually was enjoying her time at the castle. "Don't worry, Daddy! Everything's great here. He gave me a library and he danced with me, too! OMG, it was like super romantic!"

Then she could post a selfie to show off how adorbs she looks in her new yellow dress, and block Gaston from ever commenting on her hot bod again.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Prince would have gotten Snow White's digits after their romantic singing escapade, and therefore been in contact with her via text. Instead of galavanting about and singing in the forest, or whatever it was he did while all sorts of nefarious things were happening to the love of his life, he would've wondered why she wasn't answering his texts and come looking for her before things got ugly for poor Snow.

Snow White would've been happier in that scenario, of course, but the movie would have been a lot less exciting for Disney fans. Who wants to watch a couple text each other for two hours?



If modern technology existed in the film 'Brave,' it would have been filled with much less adventure andmuch more Facebook drama. Instead of running off and asking a witch for help dealing with her mother, Merida would have just posted a passive-aggressive Facebook status about how her mom was "ruining her life" or "being such a total byotch."

Her mother, being a modern woman and all, would have her own Facebook account, confront her daughter with a reply, and the minor conflict would have turned into a highly public battle in front of all of their family and friends. Awkward.


Sven the Reindeer

To help create the character Sven, an actual live reindeer was brought to the studio. This helped the animators to make Sven's behavior and mannerisms as accurate as possible, even down to the way the reindeer scratched his nose with his hind leg.


The Problem With The Snow Queen

The Problem With The Snow Queen

Disney held onto the story of 'The Snow Queen' for decades, originally toyinig with the idea of an adaptation in the 1940s. While the story had a lot of potential for a movie, no one could figure out a way to successfully use the villainous snow queen character.

It wasn't until 2010 that the team working on the movie finally figured out what to do with the character. Thus, 'Frozen' was finally able to move forward!

The Innocence of Elsa

The Innocence of Elsa

Because the snow queen character was a villain in the original Hans Christian Andersen story, drastic changes had to be made in order to make the character work in 'Frozen.' When producers first heard the song 'Let It Go,' they decided that Elsa needed to be an innocent character who struggled with accepting her own powers and the dangers they could bring.

Thankfully, that was the perfect way to finally overcome the snow queen dilemma!


You never know when some evil sorceror is going to put a spell on Princess Aurora. Since she's clearly susceptible to any spell involving excessive sleep (or maybe she's just lazy and uses a "spell" as an excuse to take extended naps), motherhood isn't a good idea. They don't call her Sleeping Beauty for nothing!



Much like Tiana, Anna from 'Frozen' would be a total embarrassment to her children, not because of any frog-kissing scandals, but because she's so awkward and dorky! People like that can make fun parents at home, but in the light of day -- and in front of their kids' friends -- they're nothing if not super embarrassing.



Jasmine would be an atrocious mother, and here's why:

  • She keeps a live tiger in the house as a pet. Who does that?!
  • She'll believe any lie in the book, so her kids could easily manipulate her.
  • She's been spoiled by her daddy throughout her entire life, so get ready for some more spoiled, entitled rich kids!
  • She uses her sexy, womanly physique to seduce even the most vile of men (see: Jafar). Bad role model alert! Take a legitimate self-defense class, Missy.


Donald Duck

The scratchy voice. The angry attitude. The complete opposite of Mickey. Forget Goofy, Donald Duck is the best sidekick of all-time. He's even great when dealing with his three nehpews Huey, Louie and Dewey.

Timon and Pumbaa - The Lion King

Timon and Pumbaa - The Lion King

The comedy really kicks into high gear as soon as Timon and Pumbaa are introduced in the "Lion King."They eat bugs, goof off, teach Simba life lessons...and sing all along the way!

Woody & Buzz - Toy Story


Woody and Buzz. Buzz and Woody. It doesn't matter how you put it, but these two ended up being best friends and staying that way through many sequels and short films.

Flounder - The Little Mermaid

Flounder - The Little Mermaid


Flounder is Ariel's true friend, a natural explorer and helped deliver a lot of fun in "The Little Mermaid" movie along with the animated series.

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