Cats are loveable creatures and make great pets. They need very little looking after and are often happy just keeping themselves amused, unlike dogs. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, a cat could be the best option for you. Here are just some reasons to have one in the house and your life.

Keep The Mice At Bay

Cats are great for keeping mice at bay. The mice really don’t like the cat’s scent so won’t even entertain the idea of going into a house. If you currently have mice, it could be worth getting a cat—even borrowing a friend’s—because the adult mice will take their pups and leave their nests for good.

They’re Easy To Look After


There’s no major maintenance when it comes to cats. All they ask for is food, a roof and something to play with/scratch their claws on.

All types of toys will do and a scratching pole is a great investment. Because of the easy care, cats are great for those who just don’t have the time to take an animal for a walk.

They’re Just As Good As Watching The House

Cats make just as good watchdogs as dogs do. In fact, they can often be better. People won’t know they’re there until it’s too late.

Your cat is likely to sit in a corner and just wait for the right moment, keeping your valuable safe. There’s no need to be rudely awoken in the middle of the night, unless it’s the intruder!

Playful And Funny

They love to play and those balls of wool or strings of fabric are great toys. They’re also quite funny and can keep you entertained for hours. It can lead to some very amusing stories to tell your friends.

They Do Want Cuddles

These animals are often viewed as loners, but they do like the odd cuddle now and then. Some breeds are morecuddly than others, and will want your undivided attention now and then. That’s not to say they will get annoying. You’ll find that they mimic your behaviour over time, so will learn when you most want a cuddle and when you just want to be left alone.

Get Along With Other Animals


It can take a while, especially depending on the breed, but cats do get along with other animals.

This includes dogs and birds. You will need to help get the sets of animals settled in together, but that will take a few weeks in most cases. They absolutely adore other cats.

They’re Easy To Name

Did you spend hours discussing the name of your last pet? If you have a dog, that’s quite common. You want a “dog name”, but one that you’re not embarrassed to call out in the park. That’s not the case with cats.

You can name them anything and they’ll be happy with it. Since you don’t have to take them for walks, you’ll not have to worry about what others think.

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