Why You Should Take Your Husband’s Last Name

Are you getting married? You may be thinking about whether you really need to take your husband’s last name, or whether it is worth keeping your own. There are many benefits to taking your husbands. This is even better than hyphenating your name.

Your Husband Wants You To Do It

He may not tell you, but your husband wants you to take his last name. He will tell you that he’s fine with you keeping your own, but deep down it does matter. By taking his last name, you’re showing him that you want to beconnected to him on paper as well as emotionally.

It Makes Paperwork And Transactions Easier


Whether you’re opening a joint bank account or applying for a mortgage, the people handling thispaperwork will assume that you share a last name.

It makes it trickier when you have to get them to change everything because you noticed what they were doing when it was too late. It takes time to have all the correction made, which can slow down various business transactions.

Think About Your Children

Are you going to hyphenate your children’s last nameor will they take your husband’s? Either way, it’s going to be confusing for them when they grow up with a mum and dad with a different last name.

It leads to a lot of questions for them, and they’ll then come to you for the answers. It’s simply easier for the whole family for you to take his last night.

It Creates Unity Between You

Remember your husband loves it because you should you’re becoming one? Well, having the same last name creates unity for everyone around you. They will just start asking why you have different last names, and it can make them question your relationship. After a while, you find yourself explaining without people even asking you about it.

The In-Laws Get Annoyed


Do you really want to add another reason for the in-laws to be annoyed about you or question your decisions?

Your in-laws will expect you to take their name, unless they’ve decided to follow the modern-day trends. They will start questioning your unity and whether you really love their son. It really is just easier to handle them.

It’s The Traditional Thing To Do

If you like tradition, you’ll know that taking his surname is the traditional thing to do.

People expect you to do this, especially if you follow other traditions in your life. Do you really want to be inconsistent in your life?

Companies Make It As Easy As Possible

It’s not that hard to change your name, so you can’t use it as an excuse. Companies expect women to do this when they get married, so they make it as easy as possible.

All they ask for is to see your marriage certificate, and most will keep it free to do. Only government firms will consider charging, but even they try to keep it affordable and free where possible.

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