Animals seem to do weird things. This behaviour is perfectly normal to them, and often means something. The trick is understanding what is going on in their heads. There are some of the most common behaviours and what your pet is trying to tell you.

Stealing Stuff From Around The House

Have you ever wondered why there’s a missing sock or shoe? Chances are your pet has stolen it and hidden it somewhere. It seems strange behaviour but there is a reason for it. Your animal wants some play time. Stealing is fun and it means you have to go on the hunt for it. Just think of it as a game of hide and go seek. Remember to check for buried treasure!

Splashing The Water

Splashing in the water is a common trait for cats. Some like to swirl the water and watch it move. Dogs can also enjoy splashing in water. Think about it as a child—splashing in puddles is fun to do. There is nothing wrong with your pet splashing his or her water now and then.

Overturning The Bowl

The only time you need to worry about water splashing is when the whole water is tipped out and the bowl is turned upside down. Not only do you end up with a damp floor, which can lead to mould, it could be there is a problem with the water. Animals do this for one of two reasons most of the time: it’s too hot or something doesn’t taste right. Fill the bowl up with more water that is cooler and fresh, and you may see a different reaction. If not, there could be a problem medically and that requires a trip to the vet.


Licking Themselves

Cats are self-grooming, and they do that by licking. The problem occurs when it is a regular occurrence and is difficult for you to get them to stop. There are a few reasons why animals will continually lick. There could be a part of the body that is sore—think about it when you have a sore spot and water soothes it. It could also be due to stomach problems. Some animals lick to stop thinking about irritable bowels or stomach issues.

Staring At People

Animals stare. There are a few reasons for this strange—and sometimes creepy—behaviour. One of the most common reasons is because he or she wants something; and something that you control. It could be simple cuddles or it may be food or water. You need to assess the glint in the eyes. It could be that your pet believes there is danger, especially if he or she is staring at a newcomer.

Running Around Like A Mad Animal

Dogs can take to the garden like it’s a race course, while cats can start jumping from couch to couch. It seems strange but there is a very good reason for it. Your pet wants to play. When animals run around, they are trying to expel the built up energy.

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