Your worst crime: Sleeping with makeup on

If you are doing everything possible to get healthy skin but nothing seems to work, maybe you are making one big mistake that is ruining your skin.

Many women tend to sleep with their makeup on, either because they forget to remove it, are too lazy or tired to remove it, or some actually think it’s not that big of a deal.

When you cover your face with makeup, it clogs the pores in your skin. Your pores allow your skin to sweat and produce sebum (which helps moisturize our skin). So when you cover your face with makeup 24/7, sebum builds up and causes acne.

So sleeping with makeup on will leave the skin unable to breathe, regenerate tissue, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself.

You also need to remove your eye makeup as well to avoid irritation and allergic reactions.

So no matter how tired or sleepy you are, make sure you always remove your makeup before going to bed.

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