Most of us walk around feeling like we're not getting enough rest, right? But you're probably getting a lot more than you think you are. A new study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average American gets around 8 hours and 45 minutes of sleep a night. That sounds likeso much!

The report found that sleep varied slightly on weeknights and weekends, but generally found that we are pretty much rolling in sleep. We are knee deep in sleep, averaging 8.49 hours on weekdays and 9.34 hours on weekends and holidays. Of course, this doesn't necessarily account for how much of this sleep is actually restful, but it is heartening that so much of our time is spent lying down. 

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As for the rest of our days? Well, not surprisingly, the bulk of our time is spent at work, with an average of 8 hours a day taken up with work-related activities. According to the survey, most Americans spend around an hour and a half eating and drinking each day, and spend about three and a half hours watching television. As for exercise? Well, we claim to spend around 1.6 hours a day on sporting and recreation activities, but that sounds a bit high to us, no? 

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