Throughout the years, Barbie has held down jobs from doctor to dentist, athlete to astronaut. Now in 2014, she's ready to try out yet another career: entrepreneur.

Mattel will be rolling out its ambitious new Barbie this summer. Adorned in a hot-pink sheath dress, sparkly necklace, black purse, and sleek updo, she looks ready to tackle the business world, which is fitting: The company partnered with eight female entrepreneurs—who they're calling "Chief Inspiration Officers," founders of companies like Rent the Runway and One Kings Lane—to share their inspirational tips. The idea is that, like these motivational women, Barbie is #unapologetic for pursuing her dream.

This new doll comes with a unique set of accessories, too. In true 21st century fashion, Barbie will carry tech gear like a smartphone and tablet. The doll is also accompanied by a social media campaign (with the hashtag #unapologetic) to get young girls excited about pursuing their own entrepreneurial goals.

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