Beauty Products Every Woman Must Own

If you are woman, who is caring about her look, you must own this Beauty Products. Style gurus who preach the gospel of closet staples are right: The perfect trench, a well-fitting pair of jeans and a little black dress pull together a wardrobe like magic. Actually, the same principle works for your makeup bag. Here’s every beauty basic you need to look perfect, no matter what the occasion.

There are a few essential must-haves out there if we wish to cast that radiant glow to the world at all times. In addition, using these beauty products is a joy unto itself – a little refuge in your day when you can do something just for you only. But it’s not just about the face and hair – feet, arms, legs and hands count, too of course!

We’ve selected some crucial items that should be in any lady’s beauty bag. The brands are up to you, but we’ve taken up the task of assembling some here by way of suggestion. Whatever your choices, relax and enjoy the process – beauty is only skin deep, after all.

Beauty Products

Eye Cream

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your face is to invest in eye cream, and not just when you start to notice the first signs of crow’s feet and laugh lines. Eye creams are made just for the thin, delicate skin around the eyes to reduce puffiness, smooth lines and even lighten dark circles.

Foot Cream

Our feet can take a lot of abuse. In an average lifetime, we’ll walk 115,000 miles. To help offset the effects of life in between pedicures, slather up each night before bed with a good foot cream. Applying cream at night may give it time to soak in, since you’re not running around. For super dry, cracked feet, consider applying cream and then wearing socks. It will allow the moisture to seep in, without the interruption of sheets.

Beauty Products2Cuticle Oil

Using cuticle oil every day before bed is a best way to prevent hangnails and cracked cuticles. Most cuticle oils are a combination of jojoba, lavender, almond tea tree and vitamin E oils. This is a great way to ensure overall nail health.


Using a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is one of your best ways to maintain that beauty and prevent wrinkles and aging. Look for moisturizers and foundations with sunscreens built into them.

Chapstick/Lip Balm

To safe lips supple and moisturized, no girl should go without a base lip balm or chapstick. With lanolin which serves as an emollient and wax which waterproofs, lip balms provide a barrier for your lips against the environment. A perfect base to any lipstick or gloss!


A good moisturizer may help nourish your skin, and give it the hydration necessary to have that natural sheen. Plus, it safes your skin from drying out and dry skin leads to wrinkles. If you have oily or combination skin, you still must moisturize. There are products out there specifically for your skin – look for oil-free moisturizers with salicylic acid.


A good exfoliant helps get rid of those dry skin cells on the surface of the skin that cause skin to look dull. Hint: If you’re exfoliating your face, you can use a product that is specially formulated for that delicate, sensitive skin.

Leave-in Conditioner or Damage Spray

Even when you want to let your hair air dry after stepping out of the shower, do not assume your hair is out of the danger zone. Applying a leave-in conditioner or other protectant spray helps seal in moisture and gives your hair the extra barrier it needs against the day, even if you are going for the au-natural look.

Face Mask

A weekly face mask can be a healing ritual, in more ways than only one. For oily skin, a clay mask can help soak up extra oils, and for dry skin, the hydrating power of an intense moisturizing mask may give skin the nourishment it needs. Plus, you can just let go of some of your stress, while you’re at it.

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